Who controls the Conservative Party, David Cameron or the hunting lobby?

Who controls the Conservative Party, David Cameron or the hunting lobby?

Cameron at hunting rallyOver the years, the British public have become use to seeing the issue of hunting with dogs in the news; it sadly has become a struggle that will not just determine the life of the fox, the deer and the hare. It will also determine the lives of many other animals across the UK and abroad.

For this is not just a battle for one issue versus those who seek the return of animal cruelty, for it goes much wider. The very nature of how we view animals in society is at threat if we allow this ban to be lost. The determination of those who seek to kill for fun is political. No longer do we make the separation between lobby and MPs, for the boundaries that separate them have been blurred’ as the two are now one of the same.

A bloodsport organisation is determining the policies of a British Political Party. They may not be so open to appear on camera together but they are there pulling the leavers. Are we as a nation willing to let that go unchallenged? To let a minority of people who disrespect society values and care not for animal welfare to have such influence.

When we elect our representatives, we do so with the belief that they will speak for all, regardless of political Party. Yet that is no longer the case, the lobby has become the Party and its corrosion of British democracy is eating into our values.

Today’s questions is not will the Conservative repeal the hunting ban, as that is a given if elected, it is also how far will they go to please the lobby within. No animal welfare issues would be safe in the UK and our influence on such matters abroad would be harmed. The nation’s reputation for being a nation of animal lovers would be left in tatters. For how can any individual within a political Party care for animals when they allow the brutality and sickening behaviour of a minority to dictate their political policy?

Cameron can't be trustedThis campaign is needed’ because it is about protecting what is right and raising the issue who controls democracy. It is needed’ because decent people reject animal cruelty for fun. It is needed because somebody has to say no to David Cameron and no to the dictatorship of the pro bloodsport lobby that lies beneath the surface of the Conservative Party.


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