The gloss is fading fast from Cameron

So the truth the truth is out, David Cameron expects you the voter to ignore your concerns over hunting with dogs and pretend there is no wrong. His anger over the issue is not one of concern for public opinion but the annoyance of being exposed for the cruel man he really is!

The word cruel and Cameron together, surely not for this is the nice guy, who presents himself as everyone’s friend regardless of issues. The lovable chap that many could call Bandwagon Cameron. Yet the reality is far from the gloss and endless spinning that Cameron wraps himself in.

Since he became Conservative Party leader he has been plotting the return of extreme animal cruelty. To do so it means ignoring democracy and the nations view. Yet obsession is a powerful force and he is obsessed with killing for fun.

The gloss fading fastThe Master of Foxhounds Association may have drawn up a new code of guidelines that imply everything is sweet and hunting could continue. Yet those guidelines are as bogus as Cameron’s belief he has a right to scrap the ban. No amount of pretence to imply hunting can be made more humane will convince the public. If you chase a wild animal to exhaustion and then delight in the animal being torn to pieces, you are cruel.

Cameron and his Shadow cabinet have been working hard behind the publics back to ensure hunting is their top priority. Not jobs, not schools, not the NHS and not helping people in a downturn. No, what drives Cameron and most of his Tory MPs is the thought of a jolly good day hunting foxes!

Is this really a government in waiting, who claim to be change the country needs? Who present an image that only they can bring the country together? A reality check is needed, the Tories earned the nasty Party tag in the 80’s and they are deserving of it today.

So as the nice guy image fades fast from David Cameron and, the chink of disappointment becomes a massive ravine. People are at last beginning to see the real Cameron, no longer protected by the press his weakness is there for all to see. We can expect more soft words and misleading remarks over his intention to bring animal cruelty back. Yet none of it matters now, the public have seen the other side and they do not like what they see.

Far from wanting to scrap the ban if Cameron really cared about democracy he would be supporting the ban and the people. He would also be condemning those who break the hunting law and agree with their prosecutions. But then this is a man who has been fox hunting and who shoots deer for fun. So we will not hold our breath.

If you can go to great lengths to look after a tiny minority, whose views and actions have been deem unacceptable by society. It only goes to show that Cameron is more interested in vested interest then of the nations concerns.

It also shows any leader who puts animal cruelty before that of the nation is unfit to be Prime Minister.


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