The Cruel Conservatives and Hunting

The highly controversial fox hunting ‘sport’ has been going on for hundreds of years. It is believed it started in 1534 in Norfolk, but what pleasure does it exactly give to fox hunters to cruelly chase innocent animals with hounds to their death. Rich Tories on horseback in their ‘packs’ racing and chasing

A terrifeid fox soon to die by hounds after digging out by terrier men

A terrified fox soon to die by hounds after digging out by terrier men

through the countryside. We already know that David Cameron, William Hague and the majority of Conservative MP’s want to overturn the Hunting Ban, even the new Conservative MP Chloe Smith is pro hunting. But you only have to check on the public whip website to see who supported and opposed the bill.

Eight Conservative MP’s including Ann Widdecombe supported the bill to ban fox hunting, and a staggering yet unsurprising majority of Conservative MP’s were against this Bill. 12 Liberal Democrat MP’s were also against the Hunting Bill.

The Hunting Ban has been one of the most controversial Acts of Parliament in recent times, but it is important it remains in place for the protection of our wildlife.If David Cameron did ever get in power and overturned this ban by using his fellow hunting MP’s to vote against it, it would be truly disastrous. Hunting is not a sport and it most certainly not a game it is extreme animal cruelty of our defenceless wildlife.

Some police forces in Britain have said that they have ‘better things to do, than prosecute hunters’ this is not the sort of attitude our police officers should have. A law is in place and police officers need to take this ban as serious as any other ban.

It is against the law to treat a household pet such as a dog or cat in a way which would cause it to starve, go thirsty or be treated in a way which would cause its death, which is why there needs to be more criminal prosecutions for hunting animals. Both are forms of animal cruelty.

It is important that we vote Labour at the next general election, because if we don’t and the Cruel Conservatives get in power, it is not just the people of Britain that would suffer as a result of their pointless policies but it would also be our wildlife.

The other side of hunting David Cameron ignores


2 Responses to “The Cruel Conservatives and Hunting”

  1. 1 Johnny H
    September 2, 2009 at 9:26 pm

    This is such a sad and awful picture – very upsetting.

  2. 2 foxinparliament
    September 2, 2009 at 11:05 pm

    Sadly that image is all too common when it comes to hunting with dogs….we intend to add a balance of pictures, but sometimes the reality has to be shown…the hunting lobby rely on people not knowing how cruel they are….

    They hide behind the pretence that the fox dies quickly and feels nothing. Reality is not fantasy but the Countryside Alliance or David Cameron do not understand that…

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