Welcome to the launch of ‘Fox in Parliament’

Welcome to ‘Fox in Parliament’

What will make this blog different from the thousands in the blogosphear is that this blog is part of a wider campaign Support the Hunting Act (Ban) UK. We are sure we are not the first campaign to use a blog in this way and we hope by doing so will encourage others.

You will find that we are anti hunting, anti animal cruelty and firmly against the Conservative Party especially David Cameron. We are also pro Labour and happy to be so….only by ensuring Labour wins at the next election can we protect the hunting ban and see it strengthened where needed.

www.freeDigitalPhoto.netYet, why a blog….well we believe in democracy and fair debate, so these pages are here to widen the concerns of the public and to inform. There is much the public are not told by the media and press so we want to make a level playing field. We will be bold and we will not hide from being controversial against those who seek the return of bloodsport.

With this blog we want to create information that informs and challenges attitudes. In the coming weeks the number of people on the ‘Fox in Parliament’ Team will grow and we do expect a few Labour MPs and Parliamentary candidates to join in. The debate will not just focused on Fox hunting though it will be a theme for sure. The issue is much wider as you will discover, issues of law and order, police procedure, court precautions, violence by those that hunt, the media coverage or lack of it, political interference by those that support it. Denial of democracy, denial of animal cruelty and the wider implications to Britain’s standing in the world if the hunting ban is lost, to name but a few.

For a suggested list of the topics our team will be writing about, go to the ‘Fox in Parliament’ Team link.

Animal cruelty is just that, you can not hide it under false names or pretend to “licence” it, in the hope nobody will notice. The pain and suffering of animalsIt's also about democracy do not stop just because David Cameron and the hunting lobby are trying to con the public. They may think a bit of gloss will imply that they can still hunt without cruelty. The reality of course it is utter rubbish to even suggest it, if you kill an animal using dogs it is cruel.

For that is the difference, are we as a nation going to allow people who kill for fun to set the agenda. People who show no respect to our democracy or our values? People who dictate through David Cameron what should happen to our wildlife? We think not and we hope that through these pages and the wider campaign you will add your voice against Cameron and his friends in the hunting lobby.

The excuses of those who hunt and those who support them are endless. We can however stop them from gaining cruelty back. Use these pages and if you want to do more then join us and also the Labour Party. Use your voice to speak out and say no to Cameron and no to the hunting lobby.

Animal cruelty only happens because good people do not speak out.


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