Conservatives lose their own identity

House of Commons, June 1988 Margaret Thatcher: “Do you hunt Alan?”:

Alan Clark: “Certainly not. Nor do I allow it on my land”.

The late Alan Clark MP may have been a wealthy landowner and a Thatcherite Conservative on many issues, but he was an animal lover and a fierce opponent of bloodsports.

That put him in a minority in his own party, and had he still been alive, he would certainly have trooped through the lobbies to support the Hunting Act in 2004. However he would have been one of a dying breed of such Conservatives, and with Ann A decent man and animal campaigner, rare for a Conservative these days.Widdecombe retiring at the next election, there are very few Tory politicians who do not object to the abomination that is hunting with dogs.

Not all Tories are bloodthirsty hunters, but it appears that a pre-requisite to be adopted for a Conservative parliamentary set is to support this barbaric past-time. Recent polling by www.ConservativeHome.com indicates that 99% of Tory candidates at the next election are in favour of repealing the Hunting ban. Yet this is the same website whose editorials constantly spout the apparent revival of ‘compassionate Conservatism’. Yet what is compassionate about tearing animals to pieces for sport and pleasure?

This figure indicates the grip that the hunting lobby have over the Conservative Party, whether it is by financial donations, flooding local Tory branches with pro-hunting members, or using fronts such as www.vote-ok.co.uk to flood marginal seats with pro-hunting fanatics. It is further evidence of the abuse of democracy that these people, who have shown total disregard for the anti-hunting legislation since its introduction, and are now seeking to hunt chaos on roaddominate the soul of a political party in a single-minded vision that is out of touch with wider society. At a time of economic downturn and financial unrest, the Conservatives plan to make a priority the repeal of legislation that has made Britain a more civilised society.

Between now and the summer of 2010, there is still time for supporters of the fox-hunting ban to expose the Tories and their pro-hunting agenda for the unpopular position that it is.  It is a policy that Cameron does not want to speak about, and it is a past-time that promotes thuggery, barbarism and mindless animal cruelty by those that participate in it.

If you live in a constituency with a pro-hunting Tory candidate  (most seats by the sound of it!), make life as difficult as possible in their campaigning between now and next May. Ask questions at public meetings, e-mail them, contact their offices and publicise their abhorrent views to the voters of your area. In marginal seats this could make all the difference, but not in the way the pro-hunters would have you believe. It is time to expose the myth of Cameron’s ‘Compassionate Conservatism’!

Article written by Ben W, submitted by Support the Hunting Act (Ban) UK 1st September 2009

3 Responses to “Conservatives lose their own identity”

  1. 1 Johnny H
    September 1, 2009 at 5:27 pm

    Nice article – well done. The bankrolling, and other kinds of support (Vote OK), of the Conservative Party by the pro-hunt lobby really does need exposing. Not sure how though as the majority of the press seem pro-hunting and pro-conservative too!!?

  2. 2 foxinparliament
    September 3, 2009 at 8:24 am

    Hi….The press are difficult on this issue, however there is a way to show up Cameron’s connection with the hunting lobby. Each time one of our articles is read, pages visited or someone sees a different view. Views that give more reality and are not the sanitised ones so often used by the press and media, it has an impact…

    We will be using the net in many ways to maximise our messages this campaign will use….if you yourself forwarded this articles onto 10 people and so on, then the maths soon stack up…..its the same with adding links, so if your on Facebook, MySpace and others then do post a link..

    The press still have a role to play, but we are only interested in sharing news with those who who seek to report what the campaign is about. Not those who’s agenda is to smear or produce low quality reports. The best way to deal with the press is not to set out thinking they are the only route a campaign can be heard.

    There are many other ways and at some point the press will want to know all about us. When they keep hearing it from other sources….we do have many ideas in the pipeline and we are not afraid to try new methods in campaigning.

    Cameron and the hunting lobby will soon get few up of hearing our name, Support the Hunting Act (Ban) UK and that of ‘Fox in Parliament….and when it does it means the campaign is working well.

  3. September 5, 2009 at 8:44 pm

    This is a damn good article!

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