Creating messages to challenge the hunt

We are pleased to announce the appointment of our new Head of Communications Amanda Ramsay

This move will strengthen the campaign and help direct our messages against the hunting lobby and the Conservative Party.

Amanda Ramsay

Amanda Ramsay

Amanda who has worked for the Times, the Evening Standard and the BBC has a wealth of knowledge of how the press and media work. This will give a boost to the campaign by setting the communications agenda. In addition to the extensive public relations positions she has also held. Amanda has worked for Government Ministers and through them set the communications approach for national road safety campaigns.

She has also served as a borough Councillor for the London Borough of Merton, where she took forward the agenda of equality and social inclusion.

She is dedicated to seeing Labour win a fourth term and is strongly in favor of the hunting ban remaining and sees cruelty to animals for fun abhorrent

“We are pleased to welcome Amanda to the team; we know she will prove highly effective and efficient at delivering messages to challenge the hunting lobby and the Conservative Party. Our opponents will soon realise that we will speak out strongly for the public and denounce their assumption that they have a right to kill animals for fun”

Gary Hills, Campaign Director, Support the Hunting Act (Ban) UK

The appointment of a new Head of Communications is a step that will bring the campaign closer to the public in how we communicate. It will help to bring the many sections of the campaign together.

Our opponents take things for granted due to the vast sums of money they have. Yet we are showing with this campaign that it is not the money to pay for endless staff that matters. No…What matters is that people have commitment and understand what is at risk.  Their determination gives rise to many others and this campaign becomes stronger for it.

The reason we feel this campaign will work, is because we are not here to prove something. We are not after glory or status… we are hear because we believe in protecting our wildlife and supporting Labour….

Our commitment and dedications is used to help protect animals from horrific deaths by the hands of a tiny few. A tiny few who seem unable or unwilling to understand the rest of society does not want them to kill for fun.

We respect Labour because they brought in the hunting ban and before that campaign for decades to make it reality. Such commitments for animal welfare and democracy deserve respect.

Our new Head of Communications enables us to do so much more. This campaign is moving forward and the hunt lobby and David Cameron will not be pleased. Why not join us and become a member, help us to deliver our message further. Keep Mr Cameron unhappy and help challenge his view that he has a right to repeal the hunting ban. Go to the membership page here…



3 Responses to “Creating messages to challenge the hunt”

  1. 1 Sue Collins
    September 7, 2009 at 9:12 am

    Well Done Amanda x

  2. 2 Amanda
    September 7, 2009 at 9:47 am

    Many thanks x

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