EXCLUSIVE: Tories may kill Hunting Act

Despite the heading we know it is not exclusive as the Tories are desperate to kill the ban and they will go to any length to achieve their aims.

However, we do like this article for another reason as it mentions our campaign from a quote we supplied…

So what is on your priority list? We all know what's on Cameron's

This is Cornwall…


Do we really want to see our standing around the world as animal lovers in tatters because of David Cameron and his Tory front bench?

Has he asked you your view about repealing the hunting ban?

Did he make a pledge to you that he would respect democracy if the majority opposes the ban being lifted….No? …..funny that..

Perhaps it’s because he thinks your views are unimportant and irrelevant! But then David Cameron is the very same Tory Party leader who has been hunting with dogs and in his spare time has shot deer for entertainment….

So it we would suggest you do not hold your breath while waiting for compassion.

Hardly Mr. Nice guy is he…


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