Cameron’s support plummets over his backing for hunting

Despite all the spin and all the propaganda Cameron is failing to sell his repeal of the hunting ban to the nation. A new poll setting out the reality of how the public think on the issue will not make pleasant reading for those who seek the return of animal cruelty.

Cameron’s obsession in placing the repealing of the hunting ban high on his Cameron at pro hunting rallyagenda is damaging him politically and rightly so. His arrogance on the issue on how he is determined to ignore the will of society to back animal cruelty gives weight to why David Cameron is not the right person to lead the country.


Four out of every five rural people want the hunting ban to stay; even amongst his own Tory voters just 33% want the ban repealed. Overall 76% of the population see hunting with dogs as cruel a rise of 1% on recent polling.

The great news about this survey is that finally rural people are getting the recognition that they deserve. For decades the hunting lobby and MPs like David Cameron who support killing for fun have denied them democracy again and again. Whenever the question of support over hunting was sought the lobby would always claim that all rural people backed hunting.

This is an insult and an abuse of democracy that the likes of David Cameron should be ashamed of.

Decent society is opposed to killing for fun, what this survey shows is Cameron does not command respect over this issue and the majority oppose his view. While society sees the importance of the hunting ban and of the rule of law, the front bench of the Conservative Party seeks to bring back hunting by any means.

We are constantly being told that Cameron is the change the country needs; that the Conservative Party cares about all issues and all people. That they are a new Party and are in touch with society and its views. If so then where is the change.

Where is the evidence to back up such a claim for all we see is a Party whose main focus is not jobs, not homes and not the needs of schools or the NHS! No for all we see is an obsession by David Cameron and his front bench to bring back extreme animal cruelty?

red fox cubs Copyright-Free-Pictures.org.uk © 2005We think it’s time David Cameron started to answer some of the questions he avoids like the plague; it’s time the public knew his real intentions and not the smokescreen he hides behind. What part of ‘no’ do you not understand Mr. Cameron? The public do not want hunting with dogs repealed.



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