The Darker Side of Hunting

This is the hunts way of introduciing children into hunting. The fox's tail dripping in blood is smeared on the face of the young child. David Camron sees nothing wrong with this or any of the animal cruelty that goes with it.

This is the hunts way of introducing children into hunting. The fox's tail dripping in blood is smeared on the face of the young child. David Cameron sees nothing wrong with this or any of the animal cruelty that goes with it.


2 Responses to “The Darker Side of Hunting”

  1. 1 mhayworth
    December 29, 2009 at 3:24 pm

    A heads-up from the(‘all party’)anti-hunting group:

    Check out this article below in the Independent. If anything makes the case for support of the hunting act, this is it. An article meant to make us angry over the potential loss of jobs because – according to one of the four joint masters of the Essex Foxhounds, drag hunting ‘seems a bit pointless’.

    These people would rather shut down the hunt and lay off employees than go out like civilised people and enjoy drag hunting without the kill!

    Campaign For Decency


  2. December 29, 2009 at 4:52 pm

    These stories like so many that starts from the hunting lobby never tell the full. This is little different. The hunts know there is not one reason they can defend killing foxes for. It’s all been exposed for the con that it always was.

    So this story is the fall back position. To imply poor Mr Hunter can not do any other job and that it would wreck the rural economy. They point to Point to Points and make out these would all go and money for local people will be lost…

    Yet despite the claims by this hunter if he wanted to continue how has. Then all he and others like him need to is follow the law and to drag hunting. Of course they won’t because they care little about society, decency and the law. To them if they can’t kill something then they are lost in the wilderness.

    Now not all people associated with hunting are as bad as this silly man. But he represents the attitude of many of them. They are driven by ignorance and arrogance to the point where they have no conception of right or wrong over this issue.

    One other aspect I took from that article is the age of pretence to care about the hounds.

    “He also knows that should abolition arrive, it would probably be his task to put down the 92 hounds whose daily care is his full time responsibility; they are temperamentally unsuitable for any other role, like family pets.”

    This is rubbish, kennel masters do little in the way to care for the Hounds and you and I would know it. With a quarter of the pack killed every year because of being either too fast or too slow. With those that are also killed because they do not respond to voice calls, I find it sickening this lie is used yet again.

    Hunts care nothing about their hounds; there are just tools to them to be discarded when they no longer want them. Has anybody ever seen a hound live out its full life? No…These poor dogs are starved of love and affection and trained to kill in unnatural ways.

    Nothing this silly man could say would make me believe he gives a dam about the hounds.

    If he wont change to drag hunting then that is his choice, then he and the others that break the law will find the law can be used even harder if he likes it or not.

    The hunt claim a million people would lose there jobs before the ban came in…Records show there many have been 3 or 4… So while this story shows how stupid hunters can be in not switching it also shows they will still use faux propaganda to a gullible press.

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