The real David Cameron?

Cameron’s Conference Speech

Cameron has now completed his big speech but what has it actually told us about him, where are his principles and convictions that can’t be so easily ignored once the cameras have lost interest?

Cameron out for a shoot on the County Antrim Estate owned by Vicount Randal Dunluce

The endless spin and covering hide what the true man is all about. The lack of substance that is clear for all to see, is a testament to how this is not a career politician out to do his best for the county. Instead it reveals a man craving power at all costs regardless of what that cost may be. The ‘say anything’ politician who will swing from view to view, if he thinks he will gain a vote.

This man who proclaims to be a leader hides a less then glorious history or any conviction to quantify his rise to the top. So given his speech and plaudits from an almost obsessedly biased media, who equally care not for democracy, are we are any wiser to the real man? No, for we are further away from answers for while the media distort the true feelings of the nation we will be left firmly in the dark.

So what do any of us know about David Cameron? Well, we all know he is obsessed with bringing back extreme animal cruelty, to the point that it comes across as his only aim. Fox hunting to him is not just an issue: it’s a passion. We also know that in his younger days he was part of an elitist club within Oxford.

Bullingdon Club

The Bullingdon Club – where he is so embarrassed about being a member that he refuses to speak about it. The mindless vandalism and tales of arrogance with money are common. Yet as nobody has the nerve to tell the truth it leaves open the question of what is Cameron not telling us, and what could be so bad? Perhaps this is why Cameron was so keen to hug a hoodie!

We also know that he and other members of the Bullingdon Club used to charge around Oxford pretending to ride to hounds, dressed in the status symbol of the ‘Bullers’, the outfit which cost £2000. This at any time of year

The infomous photo, again Cameron never wanted you to see this?

would be a vulgar display towards animal welfare and extreme arrogance. It clearly proves Cameron was out of touch with society then just as he is now, by parading in this way he was declaring that wealth was something to command status above all principles. It is worth remembering that while he was prancing about in outfits few could ever afford it was the time of the Miners strike when thousands were loosing their jobs.

So again – today’s spin performance of making out he cares for society was not something he ever showed while growing up. It must have been quite horrific to have a gang of posh yobs tear up your room or smash up your restaurant, to then be further traumatised by being chucked money, as if it is of no importance to the harm caused.

Conservative Central Office

Further information reveals how the Royal household gave the nod and wink to Conservative Central Office to employ him on leaving Oxford. Yet just like his Bullingdon days who that person was remains shrouded in secrecy. It makes a complete mockery of the convention of the Royals not interfering in political matters.

So what of his days at Conservative Central Office, what did he achieve and which subjects were close to his heart. What motivated him and did he succeed at any policy? Well again nobody really knows. What we do know however is that Margaret Thatcher was his idol. It is also a fair bet that he was a truly paid up member in ways of Tory thinking. That cuts to public services were the holy grail to which many Tories aspire to.

His speech today showed he was in his element over cuts; but he just hid the wording by calling it big government when attacking Labour. Deep down he came across as overjoyed with the recession and in love with the thought of cuts. 

These two helped create Black Wednesday

Black Wednesday

It seems Boris Johnson who shared part of Cameron’s journey at Oxford and the Bullingdon Club was appalled during a race to be Oxford President when he was accused of being incompetent. I wonder if Mr. Cameron felt the same when he helped create Black Wednesday, while at the side of Norman Lamont for the who sorry affair.

Conservative 2005 Manifesto

It is funny how the press and media in their rush to gloss over Cameron forget the very things they attacked him for. David Cameron was responsible for one of the nastiest manifestos the Tories had ever produced; it was so nasty that it help inspire racial tensions in many parts of the country. This was while Cameron was working for Michael Howard in 2005. Are you thinking what we are thinking? No the Are you thingking what we are thingking....NOpublic was not Dave.

This flirting with the far right could explain his ease to jump into bed with extremist Parties in Europe. I’m not accusing him of racism but they do say you can tell a man by the company he keeps. Apart from his failings with Black Wednesday and his hard right views which were clear from his role in producing the 2005 Tory Manifesto there is little else that stands out for his four years as a back bench MP. But in fairness

I should include the e-Politix award for Disability Champion which he won in 2004. So it is strange that the first announcement at Tory Conference this week was to attack people on disability calling on them to be made worse off.

Nobody doubts at all that losing a Son would have been traumatic for him, but life is full of tragedies and nobody can turn back the clock. I am sure it has shaped who he is, but it has not changed the man he has become and that is the whole question?

He came from nowhere to become Tory leader and it begs the question how and who helped him, perhaps we should ask the Royal household again? Whatever the answer is, since becoming leader he has kept the public in the dark over his true intentions, and no I said true intentions and not just the gloss he said in his speech. The only thing certain other than bringing back fox hunting is, if he became PM, the huge numbers of public sector workers who would be sacked. There will be little option as Cameron will strip public services to the bone. Some will say he will not but who can trust him?.


Fox hunting

David Cameron would also set out to ignore the will of society and democracy over his obsession with ending the ban on hunting. For despite everything this is still the only constant in his career and personal life that he has allowed the public to know. Hardly something to be proud of is it Dave? To enjoy chasing a fox to exhaustion and then knowing it will be torn apart and all for your own amusement, you must feel very brave.

The reality of Cameron's ObsessionSo for all the biased commentary from the media about Cameron’s speech today who will imply he is a leader in waiting, it’s worth a reality check. For we are talking about a man whose past is not allowed to be discussed, a man with hardly any real work experience. Who enjoys bloodsport regardless of the suffering it inflicts, who also sees democracy as only worth following when it suits him.

You now have to ask yourself, do you know this many any better? Is this really a leader in waiting, a man who sees nothing wrong with animal cruelty and seeks to set the country back to the 1980s?

Well thankfully he can be stopped; Britain and our wildlife need many things; the last thing they need is David Cameron as PM.


6 Responses to “The real David Cameron?”

  1. 1 Bradley
    October 14, 2009 at 3:38 pm

    Hi. Nice article, just a minor suggestion, though. In future, citing the source of the statistics you use might be a useful addition to help to prove your claims and to ensure that the source is not bias.

  2. 2 Bradley
    October 14, 2009 at 3:41 pm

    Sorry – posted the above comment on the wrong article! I was referring to the statistics you used in your “More riders yes, less support for hunting totally” article.

    Keep up the smashing work!

  3. 3 foxinparliament
    October 14, 2009 at 3:56 pm

    Good point, it is something I tend to forget to add unless I’m adding a new poll…we do check the figures to make sure they are still correct before the article gets published but it would benefit from the source.

    If you know of any PPCs in Hertfordshire who would like to help raise their profile then please send them our way. The input is up to them so it can be occasionally or as often as they want. We give a direction in terms of topic to cover, yet whatever they write is in their own words..

    The invite is open to yourself and any member or supporter who would like to help the campaign. We are working hard to get the blog known and its doing well…some say we are Labour List for the animals, well we have a bit of work to do before we get to that stage..

    Good luck with your blog, ill pop by to see progress from time to time…and let us know when it’s ready and we will add the link to it…

  4. 4 sonsdiary
    May 14, 2010 at 8:56 pm

    good luck mate .
    Although my blog is about our local football team I am sure over the next few years more ranting against the Bullingdon boys will come to the fore
    Regards Campbell

    • May 14, 2010 at 9:20 pm

      I agree with that…chances of him not affecting every part of our society are slim. From our wildlife to football. his arrogance will harm all.

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