More riders yes, less support for hunting totally

The animal welfare campaign to end hunting with dogs was never about stopping people riding in the countryside and it is of no surprise that there has been a small increase in numbers taking up the activity of riding with hunts. It does beg the question as to if people are so happy with the status quo, why go down the repeal route at all?

The aggressive side of hunting the press do not show youCameron has been trying to retreat from his support for scrapping the ban, not because he cares a jot about the horrific harm caused to foxe’s and other wildlife by full hunting, but because he is scared of how this issue is playing with the voters in the country.

He will deceive the public in his intentions to make it a priority before the election. However have no doubt- seeing that major pro-hunt donors and volunteers are helping him get elected – he will scrap the ban given the first chance.

Real rural people (and I do not mean the tiny minority who are obsessed with killing for fun) are being denied a voice by the fantasy that pretends to be a Dawn and Duskrural organisation. The Countryside Alliance (which could not give two hoots about real rural people or their concerns) is nothing more than a front for the hunting lobby. Democracy plays no part in rural opposition to hunting. David Cameron of course panders to the Countryside Alliance and further denies rural people a voice despite 72% of them not wanting hunting back.

To get around the electorate he will try to delay the vote for a year until he is more settled and will hide the vote in some other legislation. It has got to the point now where it is hard to know where the hunting lobby ends and the Conservative Party begins. Between them they are trying to carve up the country to ensure democracy never gets a look in.

The hunting ban is working in parts of the county despite the lies often said about it. Yes it could be improved in a small part of the wording of the law. Although prosecutions have been light inefective? small in number this is not the fault of the legislation but due to the attitudes of some police forces…This will change when the Tories lose the election and the Police realise that the ban is here to stay.

Yes,  the Tories could lose the election. There is plenty of assumption in the media that they will win, but reality as ever on the ground across the country is not as supportive of the Tories as the media make out. Cameron and his obsession for animal cruelty can be stopped and rightly so.

There are many things we need in the country, having a leader whose judgment is flawed and freely agrees with sickening animal cruelty and all the law breaking that goes along with hunting is not one of them. The hidden side of violence; the arson and the criminal damage that is associated with hunters and terrier men is all too common. Will David Cameron denounce those as well, because he has been strangely quiet over those aspects?

75% – that’s roughly 44 million people in the UK support the hunting ban, so no matter the spin from the largely biased press and media towards Cameron, the Countryside Alliance or the Tory Party, there is no mandate for change or any desire for a repeal of the hunting ban.

A frightend stag awaits being released to the houndsA comment from one of the people out riding with the Surrey Union Hunt recently:

Debbie Wanbon, with two of her three children taking part in the hunt, says, “I have great reservations about chasing a fox. I only take part because now it’s a scent. I’m happy for it to be as it is. People seem to enjoy it, so why take the law backwards?”

So the tide has turned against hunting with dogs over the use of live prey, regardless of whether the hunting lobby like it or not, society has been making its views known for some time now and that view is clear: no return to animal cruelty.

There is not one single reason for hunting foxes, deer, or hares with dogs in the UK and never has been. The myths and lies have been passed down over generations but the reality has never changed.

Labour introduced the hunting ban and it is only Labour which can protect it and strengthen it.


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