Labour launches back the hunting ban petition

Labour has launched a new online petition to give you the chance to show your disapproval of David Cameron’s obsession in bringing back extreme animal cruelty.


This is a great move by Labour and shows it remains the only Party whichPetition can defend the hunting ban from repeal. The petition is for all to sign so please do so…Help the animals by signing Labour’s petition and in supporting campaigns like ours to speak out against animal cruelty.

At a time when the country is recovering from a recession and with many people still struggling the biggest issue on David Cameron’s mind is pandering to a tiny minority in the hunting lobby.

This obsession is a prime example of why he would make an awful Prime Minster who would not only harm our wildlife but will also show little regard to the real issues facing the nation.

We need more people to join us in our campaign ‘Support the Hunting Act (Ban) UK’ to help keep the pressure on Cameron and the hunting lobby. Just 83p a month is all it takes, that’s just £10 a year….it’s a small amount but makes a huge difference in our ability to speak out.

If you’re unwaged there is also a £4 rate…..so if you are a Labour Party member or Labour supporter then we need to hear from you. This is not direct debit, just a once a year fee.  For an membership form to join Support the Hunting Act (Ban) UK please send an e-mail to


We are also looking for more writers for our ‘Fox in Parliament’ web blog. So if you have a passion for this issue, support Labour and want to help show the risks to our wildlife then get in touch.

Hilary Benn MP“We need to make sure that as many people as possible know that a consequence of voting for the Conservatives at the next election will be an end to the ban on fox-hunting with dogs” Labour MP Hilary Benn


David Cameron has misjudged the public’s view over this issue make sure your voice is heard. If you want to do more to help the campaign get in touch.


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