Anneliese slams Tory hypocrisy over fox hunting

Anneliese Dodds, Labour parliamentary candidate for Reading East, has strongly criticised Conservative leader David Cameron over his plan to force a repeal of the Hunting Act through the House of Commons in aAnneliese Dodds LABOUR PPC for Reading East single day, should his party become the Government following next year’s general election. This announcement came in spite of a statement by the Tories the day before promising to reduce the powers of the executive by ending the practice of limiting the time spent debating contentious legislation. Labour has accused David Cameron of “perverse priorities” and of revealing the true nature of a future Conservative Government.
David Cameron, priorities all wrongAnneliese said: “This is proof, if any further were needed, of the perverse priorities of David Cameron and the Conservative Party. It is clear that for all their spin and rebranding, the Tories still care less about the global economic crisis, and how to support hard working families – not to mention this week’s typhoon in Vietnam and the earthquake in Sumatra – than they do about facilitating the barbaric leisure pursuits of their wealthy chums and hunt followers.”
On Monday, at the Conservative Party Conference, Shadow Leader of the House Sir George Young said that the Tories would abolish the practice of time-limiting Bills. In a session on “broken politics”, old Etonian Sir George Young said:-
“We will abolish the practice of automatically guillotining government bills and give parliament back the time it needs to make real improvements to the law.”
However, the Conservatives have today claimed that a Bill repealing theConservative MP Sir George Young, ensuring the system to suit hunters not democracy Hunting Act could be passed within a single day. They said that a Tory administration would use the very powers of curtailment Sir George Young claims to want to eliminate for other proposals, to enable a Tory dominated House of Commons to reverse the hunting ban within one sitting of the House.
Anneliese called the double standard an example of “gross hypocrisy” on the part of the Conservatives. She said: “It is clear that the Tories like to say one thing to a room of Parliamentary reform activists, and another to their Bullingdon Club friends. The gross hypocrisy of pretending to be supportive Pandering to a minority seems more important to the Conservatives then major issuesof ordinary MPs upholding their democratic duty by fully debating all proposals laid before them, whilst quietly promising the exact opposite to those who have no interest in Parliamentary scrutiny is simply breathtaking.”
She added: “I get the impression the Tories wouldn’t be so keen to derail the democratic process if the sport in question was darts, or something not so beloved of the rich and privileged.”
NB the Daily Mail article from the 7th October 2009, “Tories to reverse foxhunt ban within a year”, is available here:


3 Responses to “Anneliese slams Tory hypocrisy over fox hunting”

  1. 1 lindammadnil
    November 4, 2009 at 10:49 am

    A bit of a weird argument really. Labour spent 700 hours getting the ban through and it isn’t working.

    • November 4, 2009 at 10:51 pm

      With respect that’s not how it is…the ban has worked in many ways and it can be enforced. The bigger problem has been the attitude of some police forces which has been slow to change. It is more the attitude problem which has created a negative impression of the law.

      The law dose needs some small word changes; however it does not detract to those who break it earning the tag criminal. The hunting lobby like to imply the ban does not work and it’s unwanted. Completely wrong not only is the law supported the numbers who want the ban to stay is on the increase.

      If the hunting lobby really thought the ban was of no importance and could not be enforced they would not be so desperate to see the ban repealed.

      The truth is that the principle that nobody has a right to kill animals for fun is very clear and it is that principle the hunt lobby hates. The ban is important to our wildlife and it’s not a question of repeal it’s a question of improving it so more people who break the law are prosecuted.

      In terms of the 700 hours…it was those on the pro hunting side with the Tories and then in the Lords that tried everything to stop and block the ban coming into being. It is they who caused the delay for so long in their approach. However what Labour MPs and other MPs from all parties who did support the ban was doing was respecting democracy something those who support hunting have never done.

      If they had the decency to see how strongly the public felt on the issue then they would have listened to democracy and not their own vested interest.

      It is David Cameron and his obsession with wanting to bring back killing for fun that risks more wasted time in the Commons and it is David Cameron yet again who cares not a jot that the majority of the nation 75% want the hunting ban to stay.

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