Hunting violence hidden by fantasy

Each year we are led to belive that those that hunt are law-abiding and pillars of the community. It is implied all to often in many parts of the press and media that is is nasty protestors who cause trouble.

The press go to great lengths to gloss over any wrongdoing by hunters inJust some nice hunt followers out for a stroll trying to deny the true picture to the public.  So when violence occurs and there is an arrest or Court case, it is exscused as if the person was pervoked and that they could not possibly do what is claimed.

Well we in this campaign reject the notion that all who hunt are law-abiding and also that they are non violent. There are endless records of assaults, GBH and criminal damage carried out by hunters and their followers against protestors and anti hunt monitors.

This level of criminality deserves too be placed in reality and not the fantasy world PR spin merchants of the Countryside Alliance live in.

Huntsman Otis Ferry getting ready to pelt eggsThis video shows just how violent members of hunts can be, now this is not our video. Like many we found this on You Tube but such is the shocking way protestors are targeted by hunt members for violence that its important that you see for yourself.

Breaking the law to pursue animal cruelty is just one aspect of the arrogance many in the hunting lobby show towards society. Yet even they go further by the sheer number of criminal attacks carried out by huntsman and Terrier men.

No excuse, no defence hunting is wrong and so to is the assumption by hunters that they think they are above the law.

If you want to see more videos like this and also some videos of our wildlife in their natural world then visit our Fox in Parliament You Tube channel.



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