Hilary Benn to put the Tories to shame over their calls to bring back hunting

Hilary Benn Secretary of State for DEFRA has signalled Labour’s determination to support the hunting ban over David Cameron’s pledge toHilary Benn MP give parliamentary time to scraping the law. Hilary said, “The Conservatives know that the public don’t want to see the ban repealed, so they wont be talking about this in the run up to the election – which makes it all the more important that we do”

Labour has now launched a new online tool that enables members of the public to automatically send an e-mail to their MP and also Labour candidates to find out their views over hunting. CLICK HERE

This follows the successful anti hunting e-petition which was rolled out by Mr Ben recently. The new automated e-mail just requires basic details to enable a response to be sought. Fox in Parliament welcomes this move as another indication that Labour is determined to argue against animal cruelty.

Hilary Benn also remarked that “Tory candidates and MPs are going to try to keep quiet about their support for the barbaric activity of using dogs to rip apart foxes – but you can make sure that their views see the light of day” a remark we fully endorse.

Added with recent new polling by (you Gov) that shows 59% of the public would be less likely to back a candidate who seeks repeal of the ban. Then it is clear the information that you could gain will help greatly in creating awareness to the stance of your candidate’s views.

David Camerom with Tory MP Chloe Smith. Mr Cameron want's his cadidates to not mention their support for repealing the hunting banThe hunting ban and its survival are too important to be left in the hands of the Conservatives. They have shown again and again that they are more concerned with repealing the ban, then focusing on issues affecting people now. It is clearer then ever that a question mark hangs over David Cameron’s leadership in his obsession with pandering to the hunting lobby.

So as Mr Ben is suggesting the question to ask yourself is do Tory candidates back the ban or not?

Mr Benn went on to conclude “Britain is a modern county. The spectacle of using dogs to rip a fox to shreds has no place here”

Fox in Parliament is keen to help further. So if you receive a response from your Tory candidate which indicates they are supporting repeal then please send it to us. We will add it to these pages so more people will become aware of their views.

Send it via e-mail to back.the-hunt-ban@inbox.com or a copy to our postal address shown below.The silent majority in the UK abhor hunting with dogs, by using this tool you can help speak out against those who seek to kill for fun.

Click here to go to automated e-mail

Support the Hunting Act(Ban)UK  PO Box 427, Stevenage, Hertfordshire SG1 9FD


Polling data, You Gov 6-8th July 2009 2146 peoples sampled. Commissioned for the League Against Cruel Sports

In response to question

Q: “Please imagine you had chosen a candidate to vote for at the next general election. Now imagine that candidate intended to repeal the Hunting Act and bring back legal hunting of wild animals with dogs. Would that make you..?”

Much more likely to vote for that candidate    7%

A little more likely to vote for that candidate  5%

It would make no difference                                  26%

A little less likely to vote for that candidate   12%

Much less likely to vote for that candidate    47%

Conclusion: 59% state they would be less likely to vote for a candidate who backed repeal


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