Saving the Tories from themselves

Dan Norris MP, Minister for Rural Affairs addressed the Support the Hunting Act (Ban) UK fringe event at the East of England Labour Party Regional Conference in Stevenage this weekend.

Also on the platform was Gary Hills, campaign director for the Support the Hunting Act (Ban) UK, and Julian Ware-Lane, Parliamentary Candidate for Castle Point.

Issues were discussed around the whole animal cruelty issue, and what this meant in campaigning terms for Labour candidates at the General Election.

Dan Norris made the point that we were saving the Tories from themselves, that animal cruelty often led to other anti-social activities, and our campaign not only had the welfare of animals uppermost in our minds, but also the misguided pro-hunt supporters.

Julian Ware-Lane spoke about the resonance of this issue when out on the doorstep and that here was a clear dividing line between Labour and the Conservatives.

We must drum home the message that animal welfare will be set back years if the Conservatives are returned to power.


3 Responses to “Saving the Tories from themselves”

  1. 1 mhayworth
    December 4, 2009 at 4:34 pm

    Check out this blog from a student. His school was visited by a rep from the Countryside Alliance who didn’t quite manage to get his message across 🙂


  2. December 4, 2009 at 6:29 pm

    We loved the link you provided.

    A fine piece of writing and a clear understanding of just how wrong the Countryside Alliance are. It is refreshing to see how the messages the hunt lobby create are distrusted.

    The Countryside Alliance have a tiny amount of support nationally. We noted the figure of 110000 for membership but it could be as low as 50,000. The CA were on their last legs until David Cameron stepped in to offer support.

    With the Tories backing they have given hope to the hunting lobby where they deserve none. The arguments against hunting have been won. The debate is not about why or should there be a ban. But how the ban is enforced.

    The hunting lobby and David Cameron have no justification for seeking the return of animal cruelty.

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