Hunting Ban Not A Class Issue

If a person commits assault, it is assumed that they will be punished by the law accordingly. If a person steels from a shop it is expected that, that person repays or pays a heavier price for that action.

If somebody commits murder then logic dictates that they are denied their freedom. Now these are all different forms of crime yet that all have something in common.

The law exists because society deems them to be right and just. Why then do hunters feel they have a right to be the only group of people in the land to ignore society’s law? A criminal is deemed to be a person who acts against society or the individual, not for the majority good but for their own personal gain. This can be through profit or motive.

Hunters however seem to struggle with following a law that is laid out so clearly. They assume the law does not apply to them? They assume because they disagree with the law that it means they do not have to respect societies will. So no matter why the hunting ban was introduced they will look for any excuse to ignore it.

One of their favourite excuses for seeking animal cruelty is to hide their actions behind class. You will likely hear yet again that Labour only introduced the law because they hate people with money having fun.  They seem to think that anyone who opposes bloodsport must deep down dislike people with money.   

It’s an easy cop-out to blame the issue on class instead of facing reality. Just like it is to make out the Labour Party is more concerned with a person’s wealth and not animal welfare. Being against hunting has nothing to do with a person’s money, implied or otherwise. People oppose hunting because it is nothing but animal cruelty. Unfortunately for the hunting lobby if they bothered to find out. People from all classes see hunting with dogs as uncivilised and wrong.

The hunting ban came into being because of a shared disgust by decent people who expressed their concerns. Yet the hunters seem oblivious that the British public have spoken loud and clear. They fail to grasp that hunting with dogs has no place in their society. The vast bulk of Labour MPs and party members have always been opposed to hunting with dogs. It is therefore hardly surprising that they would act on the publics concerns.

We have something in the UK which seems an alien concept to the Countryside Alliance and their supporters. Something that has the Conservative Party scratching their heads and something they would rather the public were kept in the dark? It is called Democracy. Something the hunting lobby thinks it is only there for them and on their terms.

That way if they lose they can just ignore the outcome. While the Conservative Party seems to think that if they keep quiet about their intentions. Then the public will not ask awkward questions. Yet they are also very arrogant and for the life of them, can’t work out why repealing the ban is a vote looser.

For when it really comes down to it, you would struggle to pass a piece of paper between the views of the hunting lobby and the parliamentary Tory Party. So when class is used as an excuse you can be sure that Eaton boy Cameron will leap to the hunters and (class) defence. Failing as ever to understand that people’s reactions against him are not where he went to school, but his lack of life experience on anything that matters. 

Class and animal cruelty are completely irrelevant. If a person hunts who is considered poor or wealthy they inflict they same amount of animal cruelty against a living creature. A fox a hare or a stag let alone the poor mink, do not say to themselves. It’s OK I will die in a horrible way but at least the person is rich. They are the victims of a tiny set of people who lack basic humanity. Animals do not see a class distinction, only death.

The hunting world and its backers like David Cameron are good at implying hunters are the victims of society. Not through any sense of injustice or because there is any truth to his words. No, for hunters are portrayed as victims because they used their financial clout to manipulate a so-called free press. They also seek homage from the powerful to continue the myths.

Using money in this way is not about class; it is an abuse of democracy and borders on dictatorship. As soon as people look behind Cameron’s words and they soon see just how hollow his words really are. If the art of deception is to deceive then Cameron should be streaks ahead. Yet the gloss paint over Cameron is looking more and more shabbier these days.

So the next time you hear the claim that being anti hunting is just being anti wealth. Think on why you are against hunting, and ask yourself is that true? That you have based your whole opposition to hunting based on a persons wallet and not animal welfare! Well I imagine you did not have to think long.

Hunting with dogs is about animal cruelty and the attitudes of a tiny section of society who are 100% ignorant to reality. People who chose to put themselves outside of decent society.

Animal cruelty has no class only crime.


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