Hilary shows Cameron is completely out of touch with the British public

Labours new campaign to back the hunting ban is a triumph for animal welfare and democracy in one stroke. By launching this campaign which has the full backing of the Prime minister it speaks volumes to the values that Labour is set to continue if elected after the election.

By launching on Boxing Day, which has up to now been a day of propaganda from the hunting lobby. It challenges direct the view that the hunts are important and that only their view matter. All too often we have seen little balance in how the issue is reported by the media. Today was no exception with a pitiful interview of the Old Surrey and Burstow Hunt Master by the BBC that did its best to avoid having any fair balance at all.

Is the BBC really trying to say that out of the whole country and a new campaign that they could not find anyone to speak in favour of the ban?

The hunting ban not only works. It will continue to set the tone for animal welfare as opposed to animal abuse. Today we see David Cameron pitting his entire party not against Labour but the British public. For that is in effect what he is doing. By taking up the challenge to make out hunting for fun is more important than the economy, its little wonder the public are not impressed.

Hilary Benn has called it right as too has Gordon Brown, for animal cruelty is not an issue that should ever be ignored. It is important because it makes us the type of society we want to be. It’s not for nothing that the nation has a history of defending the underdog and down trodden.  For fairness goes to the core of what being British is all about. It’s nothing to do with a person’s wealth to why others disagree with hunting with dogs.

It is more than simple. Deliberate animal cruelty has no rights in society because society rejects the entire notion that hunting for fun is needed. Labour understands this because it agrees with the public. It is not Labour who is seeking to spend many more hours of Parliamentary time on the issue. For Labour rightly see the ban about enforcing what is there, not repealing it.

David Cameron however, seems to be more than happy to waste time scraping a law the public want to stay. He sees nothing wrong with focusing on a tiny minority who do not reflect decent society. Cameron claims he and his party have changed. Well that begs the question where? It seems more a case that the drive that is to be a conservative MP, revolves around the need to speak up for hunting at every turn.

Hilary Benn by creating the back the ban campaign is setting out principles and values. David Cameron however comes across as ignorant of society’s values.  He continues to ignore the issues that matter to the public.

On the side of the public you have the Captain of the Enterprise a TV barrister and a legend in historical facts. On Cameron’s side its old thinking, barbaric attitudes and ignorance towards animal welfare and democracy. It’s not hard to do the maths to see which side is winning this issue.

All the actors who appear in the new campaign and the video to go with it are decent people who are respected and loved for their contribution to society?  People who are nobody’s fool and took part because they believe in fairness. Like millions of the public they are against animal cruelty for fun.  

The public know Patrick Stewart, Jenny Seagrove and Tony Robinson. Yet if Cameron thinks a hunt master pining for not being able to kill is on par with society’s sense of fairness. Then it shows how utterly out of touch he and his party is.

The dividing lines have not been so clear before an election for decades. We either have a Party that seeks to allow animal cruelty for fun and whose obsession outweighs all other issues. Or we have a party that will uphold fairness in society and who will offer protection to our wildlife.

There are many reasons not to vote Conservative. It’s just David Cameron  has made it possible to see the real person behind the gloss. He has shown us an image which is nasty and unpleasant an image of an obsessed hunter who is selfish and based on greed. Hardly an image of a man we would want as the next PM.


1 Response to “Hilary shows Cameron is completely out of touch with the British public”

  1. January 7, 2010 at 4:41 pm

    “Hilary Benn by creating the back the ban campaign is setting out principles and values. David Cameron however comes across as ignorant of society’s values. He continues to ignore the issues that matter to the public.”

    I am not a Labour supporter. I am independent. But I believe that the above is essentially right. There being little visible difference between the major parties on economic and foreign affairs, voting now may be decided by social and moral issues: I believe that Labour has an edge in this respect. If anything, the Hunting Act needs strengthening so that we can be sure that chasing and killing wild animals for fun is clearly and for ever unlawful and regarded by all with well-deserved revulsion. If they know what’s good for them politically, Cameron & Co. should, at the very least, promise to let sleeping dogs lie.

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