An alternative to Hare Coursing, no more exscuses

Hare coursing was banned when the hunting ban came in, it was always a sickening spectacle by people outside of compassion, devoid of any sense of wrong doing. The end result was always for the poor Hare to be used like a rag doll after the dogs had caught it. 

The tearing of animals apart for fun seems to form the basis of blood-sport. The more the animal cruelty the more those who follow such uncivilised behavior get a glee in their eye. Like fox-hunting, Deer and Mink hunting Hare Coursing never served any purpose. 

The enjoyment of a tiny few was its motivation. Only the excuses changed instead of talk of control it was one of enjoying watching the dogs work? Cruelty is cruelty and no excuse can ever justify that. It is right that Hare Coursing was banned and it is right that those who seek to break the ban are treated like criminals. 

Below is two examples, the first is Lure Coursing 


This first video is an example of how humane alternatives can be found and used. No killing is ever needed.  It is called Lure Coursing this example is form Australia. The dogs from all breeds big and small follow a rag around a field.  

The dogs have a wonderful time as do the owners. So the challenge to people who seek Hare Coursing in the UK and Ireland is given you have a humane alternative why are you not creating it? 

The 2nd video shows the reality of what Mr Cameron would bring back if he repealed the hunting ban. Any decent person watching this video should be concerned about David Cameron. Unlike you and me he is not horrified at this video or of the cruelty inflicted on our wildlife with fox, deer and mink hunting. 

In terms of decency and being a fit person to be considered to be a Prime minister he is showing how unfit for the role he really is. There is a nasty vile side that is hidden by the PR spin around Cameron. That would if allowed bring shame on Britain for his love of killing animals for fun. 

Hare coursing the barbaric way 


Pitiful isn’t it, where is the justice to the images you have just seen. Mindless cruel people intent on killing. Not rational human beings but nasty small-minded people who love to see blood being spilled for their entrainment. 

The sheer baying of the crowd for the kill puts the reality into their lies that its not about watching dogs work. 

It is vile, wrong and disgusting. Those in the fox-hunting  world share the links to such cruelty. The Waterloo Cup a money spinner and was as much a beacon for the Countryside Alliance as it ever was for the fox-hunting lobby to support. 

The hunting lobby has pretended that it was not something they supported in an attempt to deflect when the ban loomed. Yet they are stained with the same cruelty. 

The decent people of Britain and Ireland are fed up with endless excuses from the blood-sport lobby. You have no reasons or justification to kill animals for fun. Grow up and find humane alternatives. 

Given the two versions it is clear which version decent society would support. There is nothing decent about blood-sport or those that support it. 

If you are in Ireland and would like to help support the campaign for the Hare Coursing Ban as well as the campaign against other blood-sport then go to this link. Irish Council Against Blood Sport 

If you are in the UK join us today, check out the membership page.  

Do not let David Cameron bring back animal cruelty. Do not vote Tory at the next General election. Labour have pledged to support the hunting ban. Lets keep the ban and make sure cruelty remains in the past. For Labours new national campaign to back the hunting ban go to www.backtheban.com

2 Responses to “An alternative to Hare Coursing, no more exscuses”

  1. January 1, 2010 at 4:26 pm

    The Hunting Act 2004 must not be repealed or otherwise undone. If anything, it needs strengthening so that we can be sure that chasing and killing wild animals for fun is clearly and for ever unlawful and regarded by all with well-deserved revulsion. If Cameron, Hague, Herbert, etc., think that repeal of the Act would be a vote winner in rural areas, they are very much mistaken.

    And as for the vile ‘sport’ of hare coursing, please sign my NoToHareCoursing E-Petition at –


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