Cameron fails to understand decency

As a voting, and actively involved conservative for much of my life, it has been most recent, that I have had to revaluate my thoughts seriously. It is hard to imagine, why, when the country has many pending concerns, as to how, repealing the hunting ban is deemed of such great importance.

I recently took the time, to see a television documentary on Dogs, and how, they have been shown, as not only mans best friend, but as perceptive, and clever companions, …it was stated that, there are more dog owners now, then ever, even with the sorry disbandment that we see happening, as a result apparently, of the current financial situation.

I draw my thoughts, as to why then, if we love our canine friends so dearly, why would we even entertain hunting of the foxes for example, one of the canines family indeed…I had the privilege of having a strong bond with one particular fox, who I add, had the similar characteristics of that of my pet!, and even a less keen neighbor was won over, by his playful, attentive but cautious nature.

The Fox is just one of the beautiful animals, that we have allowed to be hunted, with myths, and old fashioned suggestion, much of which sadly, has become a “class” opiniated sport if you please?
The hunting ban has shown itself to be, that of compassion, fairness and decency, if we can destroy this, in our society, one has to ask, what is next?  It is good to know, that 59% of the conservative party supporters do not want to repeal such a ban, however they go un heard by their leader David Cameron, and his shadow, cabinet…,clearly a man who listens to the people?..Or perhaps not//.

How can we trust David Cameron? When hunting is shown to be the height of animal cruelty on all levels. Yet when there are many issues that need addressing his determination is to focus on repeal at all costs. For these reasons, I can no longer give my vote of confidence to David Cameron to lead the Conservative Party in a way that is compassionate and caring.
I believe, that
Labour has shown a greater level of compassion and commitment to animal welfare. By creating and supporting the hunting ban
which will no doubt, not just be reflective in the Hunting Ban, but what a good place to start… I have found myself asking do we have a Conservative Party anymore or is it now just the Countryside Alliance Party? Why oh why, would this encourage us to have faith in a man who clearly sees nothing wrong with mindless cruelty again I say, where will it stop?


2 Responses to “Cameron fails to understand decency”

  1. January 30, 2010 at 4:09 pm

    “How can we trust David Cameron?”

    We can’t. The man is in league with some unpleasant people.

    I am not a Labour supporter (I am independent and am standing for election as such) but I should point out that there is another side of Mr Cameron which, if more widely known, would make some think differently. He and his mates plan to bring back fox hunting, hare coursing and stag hunting. He and his mates are into these so-called ‘sports.’ He and his mates disgust me. They should disgust all of us.

    The Hunting Act, which is largely but not exclusively to Labour’s credit, should be strengthened so that we can be sure that chasing and killing wild animals for fun is clearly and for ever unlawful and regarded by all with well-deserved revulsion. If they know what’s good for them politically, Cameron, Hague, Herbert & Co. should, at the very least, promise to let sleeping dogs lie, literally.

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