Camerons Chosen People..

Many of you thankfully would not have come across a fox hunt. For those that have we fully understand the emotions and feelings the experience generates.  Hunting with dogs is not just upsetting for it manages to go further then just distaste. 

Even now with a ban and place and the law on the side of animal welfare. We still have some in the hunting community who think society’s laws are not about them. Their arrogance and disrespect to democracy and decency is staggering. 

For the person who stumbles across a hunt. You would be right to wonder are we in 2010 or 1710…For if we are to try and match comparisons in the modern world it would be a fruitless exercise. The modern world does not reflect in the past in the way the hunters expect.  

Hunters assume behaving with arrogance akin to 17th century hunters is fine and dandy. Society however is smarter, wiser and has more compassion for animals than hunters could ever imagine. So it is staggering that despite 400 years on that ignorance is still being pandered to. 

Welcome to the world of David Cameron who talks change, but has he sights firmly set on history. 

Below is a recent video which shows hunt followers from the Heythrop Hunt. This is Camerons favourite hunt and he would dearly like to be with them. Yet this video does not only show that the Heythrop hunt care little for the law. For is also captures the sounds of them breaking it. You will hear in the video the  hounds on full cry. 

The hunt followers try to mask that reality with other noises. A rather pointless and pitiful attempt on their part. 

Full cry is the term used when the hounds are in pursuit (the sounds is the hounds as the adrenalin kicks in and they become excited and this builds into a frenzy. It is this frenzy that rips apart a fox if they catch it. It is very clear to us that on this video some poor fox is running for its life. 

This activity by the Heythrop Hunt is of course illegal. Yet do we ever hear Cameron insisting the law should be obeyed? Well law is seems to Cameron should only be enforced if he personally agrees with it. He does not like the ban so therefore cares little if his chums break it. 

Perhaps he should ask his hunting chums to wear a hoodie. At least then he could go round and give them a hug? 

This video shows the disturbing level of ignorance and aggression that exists amongst some hunt followers. This of course is mild in comparison to the criminal assaults. GBH, ABH and criminal damage that hunts have caused across the UK. 

The notion that hunters are pillars of the community and law-abiding. Well the sheer number of court cases against them prove that’s just another myth. Not all hunters are violent but it does not mean others are not. 

These very people are Camerons people. They are not the pensioner who seek to keep warm in a cold spell. They are not the apprentice who achieved a better job or a standard of life. They are not the decent person who goes out of their way to help their community. 

For while society is populated by good people who work hard and respect one another. Who find deliberate animal cruelty uncivilised. It has become more than clear that Cameron is just not that interested in decent society. 

Sure he has the warm words and imply he cares but does he?. He has a funny way of showing he cares. Cameron made the hunting issue top of his agenda. He encouraged the pro hunting lobby of the Countryside Alliance to be interlinked with the Conservative Parliament Party. It has got to the point that a name change would make more sense. 

Not the Conservative Party, but instead to the Countryside Alliance Party. so at a time when Britain is just emerging from a global recession. Where for many life is still tough. Camerons focus is not on them but on bloodsport? 

Whatever Cameron thinks he is achieving common sense is clearly not a part of his thinking. His actions are showing this man can never be PM. His deluded focus on animal cruelty and lip service to all other issues prove that without doubt. 

Britain needs leadership and a person with real abilities. Not PR spin and gimmicks to pander to the press moguls. Animal welfare is one issue. Yet its vital and important in many ways. How we view our society is directly linked to how we treat our animals and our wildlife. 

A person who cares not if he inflicts suffering on animals. Can not believe that he should be trusted to care for people. This issue is helping Cameron lose the election. Unlike Cameron we have a good leader and we have a man who has compassion for animals. Some may not like his style but above all he is decent. 

That quality is essential on how we as a society feel. With Gordon Brown we can protect the hunting ban. We can also after the election move to make it stronger. Todays marks the 5th year since the ban came in. Do not let Cameron harm our wildlife and lets not go back to the past. 

Think about this video and the people it shows, then ask yourself who do you identify with. It’s a fair bet to say it’s not the hunt followers but the anti hunt monitors. 

When the election comes our wildlife will only get one chance. That chance depends on you. A return to cruelty or a chance to keep what is important. 

Voting Labour will achieve that…


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