Sign Hilary Benn’s Letter to David Cameron

Back the Ban

In the latest part of Labours Back the Ban campaign. You can now jointly sign a letter to David Cameron. Just click on the links below.


Dear David

Today is the fifth anniversary of the Hunting Act.

We believe it is a sign of a civilised society that we have finally put an end to the practice of setting animals on each other in a fight to the death.

Five years after its introduction, the RSPCA have said that the Hunting Act compares favourably to other wildlife crime legislation currently on the statute book and is enforceable. While the grave predictions for the rural economy following the ban have proved baseless.

Seventy five percent of the British public support the ban on fox hunting.  More than eight out of ten people oppose bringing back stag hunting and hare coursing, both of which are also outlawed by the Hunting Act.

In the light of all this we find it impossible to understand why you are determined to legalise once again the tearing to pieces of foxes by dogs. It’s also very hard to see why this would be a priority for any incoming government.

Since voting against the ban on fox hunting you have not seemed very keen to talk about this. But, given  the strength of public feeling I would be grateful if you would clarify whether you also plan to repeal the ban on hare coursing and stag hunting as well as fox hunting?

We have asked the many thousands of people who have joined our Back the Ban campaign over the last few weeks to co-sign this letter to help you realise how unpopular your plan to bring back hunting wild animals with dogs really is.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely

Hilary Benn



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