Decency means saying no to Cameron

In the coming weeks many of you will say, oh it’s just an election, I’m not interested or I can’t be bothered with all that. What’s the use of voting their all the same? Yet while there are always endless excuses not to vote our wildlife will pay the price.

No Party or government is perfect and nobody ever gets all they want or think they should. Political Party’s are a collection of people brought together who believe society is important. They seek to mend and to inspire yet they go further. Their views have an impact on all you do. Be it your job, your lifestyle your future all our interconnected.

So the notion that politics does not affect you, well that’s never been the case. Governments also create laws and it is within those laws that we see their true thinking. It is here we can see if a government is decent or one that is selective on what priorities it supports.

Our wildlife depends on people being decent in government in order to reflect the wishes of society. For them there are no choices, they have no ability to vote against hunting. They can not petition or lobby to achieve the outcome that will protect them. They rely on you. Such is the horror they face with a Cameron win that it is hard to imagine this is 2010. 

David Cameron has shown again and again that he cares nothing for our wildlife. His obsession with hunting with dogs has been the backbone of his thinking since entering Parliament. Never before has there been quite an opposition leader who thinks of society as only in terms of a hunting season. The harm to our wildlife and Britain’s standing in the world hangs in the balance.

As a nation we pride ourselves on decency and fairness. Something however that seems unimaginable to David Cameron. What he considers decent is beyond mere mortals like us.

If we lose the hunting ban we lose our ability to speak out against animal cruelty. How can we in the UK say it is wrong of Canada to kill seals or Spain to kill bulls when we allow legal dog fighting? Can you imagine the reaction the UK would receive if they objected to consumption of Cats and Dogs in the Philippines?

A Cameron win would set the nation and animal welfare back decades.  The harm to our credibility as a nation will be immense. This election is not just about the economy or the lives of people in society. It is also about our nations pride and decency that is under threat.

Labour showed decency by caring for animal welfare. The hunting ban is just one of a range of measure to speak up for animals. Ok not everything that was asked for animal welfare was granted. Yet the ban is real and we as a society are better for it. We have to ignore the views of the hunting lobby as they are un-important. Yet we should not ignore their actions which are un-democratic.

As you read this thousands of pro hunting supporters are secretly helping Tory candidates to get elected. They could be knocking at your door today.  Yet you would not know it. Vote OK are funded by the hunting lobby. Their one aim is to ensure blood sport returns.

The underhand actions of Vote OK are of course sanctioned by David Cameron. He’s the one who makes speeches saying the importance of democracy yet his actions tell a different story.

While the nation is recovering from a recession the number one issue on Cameron’s mind is to bring back hunting with dogs? It shows his top priorities and how little he thinks of the British people. While he wobbles on all other issues, this issue is something we know given the chance he will complete.  Labour of course can not compete with hunting money or that of Lords Ashcroft. Their funding just like our campaign relies on people like you giving donations. Labour however is not trying to buy the election. They want you to vote because of the right reasons.

Dog fighting has been banned in the UK since 1835, yet David Cameron wants it to return. For how else do you describe 30/40 hounds (Dogs) chasing and killing another member of the Canine family. The result is still the same a group of people taking delight in animals inflicting suffering on another. The closest way to describe the suffering of being torn apart for the fox is to be burned alive only worse.

Yet Cameron wants to be your Primeminister? Honestly if he turned up for a job interview would you give him the job? So why run the risk of electing him. He considers his view to be right and fair. It beggars belief that he can not see how wrong he is.

Cameron must be stopped as our wildlife deserves so much more. In fact society deserves so much more and our nations pride. If you care about wildlife and animals then you must vote. It’s time to be counted. The only way that our wildlife will be safe from hunting is by a Labour victory on May 6th. The animals need us. There is no 2nd chance. If we lose the hunting ban it’s gone for decades not just five years. In fact the chances of it coming back in 40/60 years are remote.

It may sound extreme, but then the momentum and the will, will be lost. MPs that campaigned for decades as well as the public by in large will tire of the subject. Not because they do not care but because the logistics of making it happen will be immense.

This is no game, this is now and it is real. Politics is not something that can be just brushed aside as irrelevant. If people do not vote then it is our wildlife and decency in society that will pay the price.

Up and down the country Labour candidates are supporting the ban. We need them in office to ensure we get to the next phase. To strengthen the law and keep this ban and other animal welfare issues high on the agenda. They can not do it alone. They need your support and now is that time.

Let’s also be clear Liberal Democrat Leader Nick Clegg was against the hunting ban. While he has said very little on the hunting issue you have to think what that means. If there was a hung parliament and the Lib Dems opted to support David Cameron. Well the hunting ban will still be lost. So in many ways voting Lib Dem is not a safe option. If you live in an area where a Labour candidate is against hunting, then support them.

If your question is are Fox in Parliament and Support the Hunting Act (BAN) UK biased towards Labour…yes we are. We are pro Labour and we   freely admit that. We are for many reasons. Yet when it comes to animal welfare we know that Labour MPs are on our side. The large majority of Labour MPs who have supported animal issues is testament to that. The ban did not just happen, it happened because Labour MPs made the hunting ban a reality against all the opposition.

While we talk politics the animals of course just seek to live their lives. We owe it to them that can happen without silly people wanting to kill them for fun. There will be further good news for our animals in the coming weeks. Yet any positive policy can only work if Labour is re-elected.

It is time to shout out loud for our wildlife and be their voice. It is time to say no to David Cameron. It is time to put decency before arrogance and society above that of self interest. It is time for once and for all to keep hunting banned for good.

When May 6th comes voting Labour is the best way to achieve that.


3 Responses to “Decency means saying no to Cameron”

  1. April 6, 2010 at 7:53 pm

    One of the many many reasons I will not be voting Conservative, ever.

    • 2 auntiecon
      April 7, 2010 at 8:00 am

      What a joke Cameron is. This morning I hear one of his election slogans is he will care for the “great ignored”. Well, he himself is making 75% of the electorate the “great ignored” by repealing the Hunting Act. The man is a hypocrite.

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