You have the power; will you let Cameron win?

The time is over. The debates and the outcomes are now just a moment waiting for history. In just a few hours the fate of our wildlife, our society and your future will be known. The outcome could be something that we dread or one that gives hope to the values people hold.

This election is different; it is the first in many years were nobody knows for sure what the outcome will be. Every vote cast could mean the difference of success or failure. All elections are important yet this one is tinged with fear.

Many people imply a fear of the unknown and David Cameron clearly is an unknown, or is he? We all know his background and we know him for the person he presents on TV. Yet what do any of us know of the man who assumes he should be the Prime Minister. Well it’s is easier to look at what is less said about him by a biased media desperate for you not to know.

Cameron is a man who is rooted with the aristocracy to the point where his upbringing has been separate to that of most of the nation. He is a man who has been helped into jobs not because of ability but due more to the old School Tie. We know his views of the world were born out of belonging to elitist groups. It would be hard to imagine a more separated view of society for a would be PM then the Bullingdon Club.

Reality is that be it for society or for our wildlife David Cameron is not the man for the job. For we know one aspect about him that is known above all others. Cameron is not the decent and caring person he makes out. We are not auditioning for a person to head up Sky News or to be the editor of the Sun. We are looking to elect a person who will lead the nation and speak for the nation.

We can think of few worse outcomes then to have a pro blood sport person as the Prime Minister of the UK. It will bring shame to the nation and will have disastrous outcome for our wildlife. This is not a short term prospect he could be in place for 5 years, 10 years….15 years?….For there is no cast iron guarantee he would get just one term.

Britain is a great nation and its people are some of the most compassionate in the world. It’s a source of great pride that Britain’s are described as animal lovers. Yet are you really ready for a leap in the unknown? Are you scared? We are and its right to be scared for David Cameron is in place because wildlife killers wanted him there. Just like Shadow DEFRA Tory Minister Nick Herbert, the darling of the kill for fun brigade.

Do you know the only reason the Countryside Alliance exists was so they could try to prevent a ban taking place. Nick Herbert used to head up the communications for the British Field Sport Society (BFSS) One of the most extreme blood sport groups around. It is now of course called the Countryside Alliance. Yet the hunting lobby is not as far as you as you may think. They have poured millions into trying to buy your vote.

If you live in a marginal or a seat targeted by Vote OK, who bus in stack loads of hunters to do the Tory’s election bidding then you will have had contact. You just would not know it. Democracy has taken a back seat in the Conservative party to ensure animal killers have a bigger distorted say. For the Conservatives have a new name today which reflects their party better, the Countryside Alliance Party. Such is the way they are linked you cannot put a piece of paper between them. If the Tories win it will be them who set out rural policy and not the Conservative Party.

Tory Lord Ashcroft is also trying to buy your vote. Yet ask yourself why the media has turned a blind eye to Vote OK? The Countryside Alliance action wing, not that they will admit it.

Do you really want the election outcome decided by people who smile and laugh when an animal is being torn apart? The   vile spectre that is the hunting lobby holds some of the richest people in the land but also those with the least decency. If it was not for their wealth they would be locked up as criminals for such actions against animals. They say money corrupts well so do attitudes and the sickening way the press seek to protect people engaged in election rigging is a disgrace.

For our wildlife everything hangs in the balance, if Cameron wins then the ban could be overturned in just 4 weeks…It was thought 5-7 months yet such is Cameron’s desire to deceive the nation he will want to sneak it through before you have a chance to object.

For those who think a hung parliament could change that if Nick Clegg linked with the Tories think again. Clegg was never in favour of the hunting ban and that alone is reason to be fearful. More than half of his parliamentary party voted against the hunting ban being introduced. His party also has a policy like the Tories of wanting to kill tens of thousands of our Badgers.

Clegg is not going to come 1st or 2nd. The Lib Dems have 63 MPs. Now he would be lucky to increase that by 5/15 more. He may lose some. So as for the claim it’s between him and Cameron its complete arrogance and just not reality. The Lib Dems will come third and a vote for them in most places in the country is a wasted vote.

Now people could argue that hunting is one issue and they would be right. Yet it’s one that has implications not just for animals but for people as well. How can a man wedded to animal cruelty care about the lives of people? Cameron has shown again and again that he favours the supper rich. Oh he gives a good spin when he bangs on about the National Insurance rise but spin is all it is. He has not real connection. He opposes it because wealthy bosses do not like it. It cuts into their profits. So do not be conned by the faux plea.

Our standing in the world for will plummet and just like the economy we and our wildlife will suffer. How will Britain be able to speak out against seal culling in Canada or Bull fighting in Spain to name just two issues? Why would any other country listen to us over animal concerns with Cameron in charge?

Now contrast all this with Gordon Brown who is on record in saying “cruelty has no place in a compassionate society” Who has also got behind and backed the Save Me campaign led by Brian May. Brown is decent; he may not be your idea of a PM in the media world. Yet he has conviction and you can trust him. His is grounded in experience and has substance.

He will not win any X Factor contest but then why should he have to. Running the country is not a game it’s about millions of lives and how the country is governed. Brown did not lose the TV debates yet the media lost it for the country with their next to rigged instant polling.

Here you have David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Gordon Brown. Only Brown has spoken openly against hunting and described the cruelty. Clegg could hardly bring himself to mention it. It says a lot about a person that they can’t be bothered to show they understand the nations concerns.

Perhaps for some of you an animal issue is not enough to base your vote on, yet it’s a decider and one of great importance. It has taken over 80 years to get this far and yet in a few hours extreme animal cruelty can be given the green light again.

Do you really want a man as Prime Minister who sees nothing wrong in Hare Coursing? For it is not just the poor fox that will suffer. Do you really want a man who seems to delight in knowing a terrified Stag will run for its life to total exhaustion? Perhaps because it’s just a mink to many, you feel that animal also deserves to be torn to pieces. Is this the image of Britain you want to go out across the world? What of the next stage how about Otters? For the hunting lobby are already getting excited about the increase in population…

We have to say no, decency in society is vital to the well being of the nation. Cameron is an utter disgrace, a vile man who pretends to care for all in society when his motivation is elsewhere.

Now it is still down to you on who you vote for. Yet when it comes to compassion and being in touch with decency then really there is only one choice. Labour are the party that campaigned for the hunting ban over decades. It is their MPs who listened in large numbers to the concerns of the public and made the ban happen. It is Labour who is committed to protecting and strengthening the hunting ban.

The party’s are not all the same and the support Labour MPs show on animal issues is vital. Wouldn’t it be good to have many compassionate MPs speaking up for society and animals? Well you do but that is now at risk. It’s not just about one term. If we lose the hunting ban now it could take a lifetime to bring back.

Society and our wildlife need many things. David Cameron is not one of them. The Tories are not ready to govern and our society  cannot take the pain they will inflict on the economy. Only you know how you will vote, yet you have to ask yourself just what are you seeking change for? It’s not enough to say it’s been a while. You have to know why and you have to have a sense of future about the Tories…but where? Where is that vision Cameron claims to have? For our wildlife it means only painful death.

Far from being change it’s the same old Tory party. The same old excuses and the same old failed policies is what lie ahead. Cameron is not the man to base your future on.

If you have compassion and you care for our wildlife and society then it’s clear where your support needs to be.

Vote Labour today.


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