And then they came for the Badgers


If the threat with hunting returning is not bad enough, ignorance over 

common sense now seeks to kill our Badgers. 

Despite all the evidence that any culling of Badgers is utterly pointless in the control of TB, it seems far to many people are unwilling to listen to reality. Those in the Welsh Assembly who have ordered the recent cull should hang their heads in shame.

This is not science based reasoning, this is pure ignorance to panda to the farming lobby.

The concept of TB in cattle has been around for decades, yet no cull of Badgers has done anything to stop the spread of TB in cattle. If culls of the past proved this, why on earth are they trying to insist on failed reasoning. 

There has to be some grown up thinking to this issue and not the knee jerk prejudice that exist.

DEFRA under Labours Hilary Benn concluded that a Badger cull was not in the interest of animal welfare or of any measure to solve the issue. One can only hope that the Tories Caroline Spellman who is the new DEFRA Sectary heads the same advice. Given that DEFRA spent years looking into this issue it would be foolhardy of any new administration to ignore solid reasoning.

If Australia can use vaccinations in their cattle for TB why can’t British Farmers?

The plight of our Badgers typifies the risk to our wildlife. Under threat from repeal of the hunting ban from hunters and their blood lust, despised by some sections in the farming industry. Seen as mere playthings by Tory MPs while the Lib Dems sit on the fence or proactively agree. To being seen as just something to kill for fun or because its to hard to think of solutions.

It’s not just society that will suffer under this Coalition it will be our wildlife in their thousands. Welcome to the old ways of thinking, the champions of ignorance for whatever they claimed before the election there is nothing new in their thinking.


For ssome common sense information about Badgers and TB, visit the Badger Trust


2 Responses to “And then they came for the Badgers”

  1. 1 JR
    May 25, 2010 at 11:27 am

    In Cornwall, both the Lib Dems and Tories are keen to start culling, despite all the evidence that it doesn’t work. To have an effect, the government will have to wipe out hundreds of thousands of badgers and it could just lead to the disease getting worse outside cull areas – how can it be worth it? Bovine TB is present in all sorts of wildlife, from badgers to mice. Where will the cull end?

  2. 2 parry1956
    May 25, 2010 at 12:29 pm

    the welsh assembley should be ashamed of there actions in pembrokeshire allowing these people with masks over there faces to murder innocent animals.im am most suprised that the welsh people have not risen to stop this awfull practice of genocide of these poor badgers.perhaps proper reasearch into bovine tb should have been done before this evil act was allowed to take place. i comend all the people that have stood up for these poor badgers good one.

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