Protecting our wildlife through democracy

Protecting our wildlife through democracy


Fox in Parliament is part of Support the Hunting Act (Ban) UK

The campaign was created to focus on supporting the hunting ban and to ensure animal cruelty has no place in British society. We feel the best way to achieve this aim is through having a Labour government.


This is an independent campaign which supports Labour MPs and the Labour Party

Support the Hunting Act (Ban) UK and Fox in Parliament are part of a wider campaign which was formed to counter the risks posed to our wildlife from the hunting lobby and that of their friend, Conservative leader David Cameron.

Mr Cameron has long spoken out in support of bloodsport and has often taken part in fox hunting and shooting of our wildlife. He and his Conservative Parliamentary Party see nothing wrong in seeking the return of extreme animal cruelty. They are also quite willing to ignore democracy to achieve their aims.


75% of the British Public (Roughly 44 Million people) do not want to see the hunting ban repealed….


Our campaign…..

We aim to create a positive for Labour MPs and Labour candidates in order to help campaign on their behalf. By supporting them to promote their support of the hunting ban, it enables us to keep the issue high on the political and public agenda.

The hunting ban was only made possible in the UK because of the support over decades by Labour MPs. This was also tirelessly backed up by members and officials of the Labour Party.

We believe the only way to protect the hunting ban from being repealed and made stronger over time is to see Labour re-elected. David Cameron has pledged that if elected he would provide a free vote in the Commons to repeal the hunting ban.

If that was to happen, the hunting ban that so many of the public have supported over decades and in their millions could be lost. To make it even worse the next opportunity to re ban hunting could take anything from 15 to 40 years or more.

The fox, the deer, the mink and the hare all deserve so much more then to have their fate dictated to by David Cameron and his pro hunting friends. The British public deserve so much more then David Cameron, who seeks to ignore the public’s concerns.


“You have to love animals for what they are or leave them alone. The best thing you can do if you love them is leave them alone and see that other people do too.” – Pat Derby


The stupidity of thoes that support hunting is another reason why the hunt lobby will never convince the public that hunting is not cruel.

The stupidity of those that support hunting is another reason why the hunt lobby will never convince the public that hunting is not cruel.



The Support the Hunting Act (Ban) UK is run by ex Labour party staff, past officials, party, members and supporters of the Labour Party. Between us there are many years of experience of direct campaigning and in speaking out against hunting with dogs. The campaign was formally formed in April 2009, so it is still very new and has a challenging timetable ahead of it. With a deadline of June 2010 to call a General Election there is everything to do and so much more that needs awareness.

The Campaign Director and founder, Gary Hills, has spent over 17 years campaigning directly to bring in the hunting ban and since its enactment in calling for the ban’s protection. He believes the hunting ban does work, but there are ways the ban can be improved.

Gary has held many Labour Party roles from local to national and has campaigned for MPs and Ministers. He has built upon his political experience on the animal welfare side, as a former National Secretary for five years with the Labour Animal Welfare Society.

He has been involved in every aspect of the campaign to bring in the hunting ban, and has seen and heard every – excuse the hunting lobby has ever used to hide animal cruelty.

The campaign and the “Fox in Parliament” pages will bring campaigners and Labour MPs and candidates together. It will enable them to continue to call for the protection of the hunting ban. The campaign will also continue to challenge those who want to harm our wildlife.

The campaign has many aims and has a dedicated communication’s side as well as procedure for helping campaign direct in key constituencys. It’s designed to involve you: the member, the supporter.

With your help we can raise the issue high up the agenda and keep challenging animal cruelty. If you have never joined a campaign formally before, why don’t you consider becoming a member of ours…?

Key aims….

1) To see the David Cameron lose at the next election.

2) To see the hunting ban remain in place so it can be strenghend when Labour return to office.

2) To see the hunting ban being more effectively enforced by the Police and to see more prosecutions brought against those who think they are above the law.

3) To see the next stage of Lords reform happen in order to see amendments put forward that would strengthen the ban.


Want to do something to show the hunt lobby

do not speak for you?

Go to the membership page and become a member today.



Fox hunters think they have a right to kill for fun? We do not.

Fox hunters think they have a right to kill for fun. We do not.

Support the Hunting Act (Ban) UK

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