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“Without Labour in office the plight of thousands of persecuted animals will be decided not on rational understanding, but instead with ignorance and obsessions by those at  the top of the Conservative Party who see nothing wrong with killing for fun”

Gary Hills Campaign Director & Founder Support the Hunting Act (BAN) UK



Hunting may be one issue, but think of why it is important. If you do and then you think of

David Cameron you will know why it can not be allowed to return.



On May 6th do not risk our wildlifes future. Vote Labour.


There are always more reason to join a political Party then just one, yet the reality with our campaign to protect the hunting ban, could be that rare occasion when one issue, is that reason..

If David Cameron were to win in 2010 then the hunting ban would be lost and your view and your concerns on this issue and others will be ignored. Mr Cameron’s has made it clear by his actions that repealing the hunting ban is his top priority not jobs, not schools and not the NHS ?

You can help prevent that.


Click here to Join Labour

Click here to Join  Support the Hunting Act (BAN) UK


 Added with the daunting horror that it could take anything from 15 to 40 years before a new campaign could have enough strength to ban hunting with dogs again?



 If you are a Labour supporter then Vote Labour.


The Tories will repeal the ban. Labour will protect it.

The Lib Dems are not a safe vote. Their leader Nick Clegg did not support the ban.

The Lib Dems like the Tories have a policy of wanting to cull tens of thousands of Badgers over TB. It’s a pointless exercise and will not work. Our wildlife deserve better.


Join the Labour Party today



Just some of the achievement’s for animals since Labour won in 1997

  • Got the EU to agree to classify farm animals as sentient beings not agricultural products
  • A new directive for farm animal welfare–also EU-wide
  • Gained EU agreement to phase out battery hens
  • New welfare codes for sheep
  • Better stocking densities for broiler chickens
  • Improved guidelines on welfare standards at markets
  • Higher training standards for those dealing with handling livestock
  • Implemented the Welfare of Animals (Transport) Order 1997
  • Led calls for animal welfare to be included at the WTO
  • Higher veterinary standards for live exports and tighter regulations
  • Refused to approve long-distance journey plans last summer
  • A Bill to ban fur farms
  • Banned religious slaughter except in a licensed slaughterhouse
  • Supported the Bill to ban puppy farms
  • Led EU to ban drift nets on the high seas to protect dolphins
  • New protection code for marine mammals in UK waters
  • Added basking sharks to CITES agreement to protect endangered species
  • Supported a ban on electric lamps in whaling
  • Sent a circular to all councils reminding them of their powers to inspect and regulate circuses
  • Increased resources to monitor and regulate animal experiments
  • Created a forum with non-governmental organizations to discuss animal experiments
  • Banned testing on animals for cosmetics
  • Banned use of great apes and dogs in testing
  • Banned LD50 test
  • Banned tests on animals for tobacco, alcohol and weapons research
  • Gained EU agreement for a zoo directive
  • Set up a zoo forum
  • Banned deer hunting on Forestry Commission land
  • Banned hunting with dogs
  • Introduced a Bill to strengthen the protection of wildlife


 Please note Fox in Parliament & Support the Hunting Act (BAN) UK are independent Labour supporting campaigns. We are not affiliated with the Labour Party and our funding is seperate from them.

Support the Hunting Act (BAN) UK PO Box 427 Stevenage, Hertfordshire SG1 9FD


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