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The New Face of Fox-Hunting – Urban Hunts

I am  opposed to fox-hunting. I just don’t understand it. The very thought of bringing an animal to harm upsets me. Why would people want to chase a fox and watch it get torn to shreds? It literally makes no sense. I used to put it down to the fact that some people are wired differently to me. I’ve tried to get inside the head of a person who enjoys fox- hunting by reading what they have to say on the subject. I’m still none the wiser.

Some people have answered that question by saying that they enjoy riding horses -Fine, nothing wrong in that.

Some have said it’s a good way to exercise -Ok I can understand that riding a horse is a good way to exercise.

Others have said it’s a nice way to socialise. – Really?? Hunting is a nice way to socialise? Why don’t they try socialising without the killing bit? A lot of people socialise just fine without that.

But the crux of the matter is this final point they make. They like to see their hounds work. Apparently there is something fascinating about watching dogs hunt down foxes.

And it appears that it’s not only in the country that folk enjoy watching their dogs go to work.

Fox Hunting has been taking place in the heart of our cities – the urban fox hunt.

The Daily Mail reported recently that:

“Killer dogs are being used to hunt down foxes in urban areas in a disturbing new ‘sport’”

I reject the use of that last word ‘sport’ – this new practice is barbarism.

Over the last three months in the Aigburth area of south Liverpool, gangs of men have been arriving from outside the city where hunting is banned, with Lurchers, Staffordshire Bull terriers and Jack Russells. They have been seen racing through the streets after the foxes. In nearby fields poles are used to flush the foxes out of their dens, and they are blocked with bins so they cannot return to their home. When they catch the foxes the gang members decapitate the foxes and keep their heads as trophies leaving the bodies by the side of the road.

The police are investigating because, would you believe it, finding headless foxes in the streets is upsetting the locals.

So is this just a good way to exercise, a nice chance to socialise or is it just fascinating to watch the dogs work?

I am truly appalled! This new atrocity is pure evil. No sane human being could call this acceptable.

I am opposed to fox-hunting. I just don’t understand it…


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