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We will be back

We will be back

It has been a while since we updated this blog. We have decided we wish to find a new service that is more interactive which is also less demanding with time. Formating articles and images takes far to long and it hinders responding to key events quickly.

However Fox In Parliament has gone from strength to strength and along with our main organisation of Support the Hunting Act (BAN) UK you will be hearing plenty more of us this year. Expect to see a relaunch of our Fox in Parliament blog and to be an even bigger pain to the hunting lobby and David Cameron.

In the meantime you can follow us on Twitter and Facebook, see links on the right hand side. We will add a note when this blog will close and give info on the new one. We do not have a date for that yet but we are building many teams this year in parliament and internaly for the lobby and a new blog team is firmly on the cards.

To mark our progress and politics we are hosting a high profile conference to help answer the questions needed and to set the tone for Where Next for the Hunting Ban. From here we will firmly be rasing the game against cruelty and making it clear repeal of the hunting ban is not on and will not be supported by the wider nation.

Thank you to all who have read these articles and left comments, this is not goodbye as we will be back and will be a much stronger voice on the web.

If you would like to become a member of our campaign/political animal lobby then do get in touch, just send an e-mail to We are always looking for talented individuals to help the lobby and to help at events. So if your passion is stopping animal cruelty returning and you are a member or supporter of the Labour Party then contact us today.

Support the Hunting Act (BAN) UK and Fox in Parliament is a new force in the animal world but with the twist that we are not just a campaign but a political animal lobby as well. Our goal is protecting our wildlife and in ensuring those who support the most are elected.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Gary Hills / Campaign Director.


Flash the Fox in Blizzard of Activity with Gordon Brown.

Fox in Parliament campaign spokesperson said today that voters concerned with animal welfare are ecstatic that Gordon Brown has endorsed Brian May’s SAVE-ME campaign.

The campaign which is encouraging people to use their vote o to ensure that present laws protecting animals from cruelty are kept in place. Their facebook group has grown by 8000 people a week and now totals over 31,000 supporters who are horrified that hunting could return soon after the election.

Yesterday, supporters of Fox in Parliament took Flash the Fox to support Bob Blizzard, MP (PPC) for Waveney. Bob who spoke at length in support of the Bill to BAN HUNTING introduced ‘Flash’ the Fox to the Prime Minster in Lowestoft.

With full TV entourage following the visit, Flash who was resplendent in Brian May’s Save-Me T shirt asked Gordon.. to ‘SAVE ME!’

Prime Minster, Gordon Brown replied.. ‘Cruelty has no place in a compassionate society…’ In other words, ‘Yes, I can..!. Gordon Brown expressed his concerns over this issue in depth to the constituents who had been shocked to hear of  David Cameron’s intentions if he becomes Prime Minister are to allow a free vote to repeal the hunt ban.

A local resident who had never voted before said, ‘oh my this is evil, having spoken to you and seen this, I will vote and I will vote labour’.

As the day drew to a close, at Midnight, Brian May announced on his SAVE ME website (, ‘EXPECT EXCITING NEWS TOMORROW MORNING’.

To the delight of his tens of thousands of supporters, this morning the legendary guitarist from rock band Queen posted this endorsement from Gordon Brown..

“I want to put on record my admiration for Brian May’s campaign to keep hunting with dogs illegal. I’m happy to add my voice to the tens of thousands of other who have already backed his campaign. I also want to put on record my total commitment, that under a Labour government this ban on cruelty will be maintained. Fox hunting should stay in the history books where it belongs” Flash the fox responds with heartfelt thanks to Gordon … echoing the hit Queen Song for the blockbuster film, Flash Gordon adds –

‘Voters out there… we only have FORTY EIGHT hours to save our wildlife..’

Flash… Gordon’s Alive!


Why I think the hunting ban was democratic

Having read Foxy02’s article – Cameron fails to understand democracy – I got thinking about the argument sometimes put forward by fox hunting supporters. They sometimes say that the process of passing the bill that banned hunting was undemocratic. Clearly, I disagree with this, and have two key reasons:

  1. The Commons (rightly) holds power over the Lords
  2. Most people are in favour of a ban.

Before I go into more detail with these points, I’ll give a quick bit of background about why it is that some people believe the process was undemocratic. There had been attempts in the past to ban fox hunting, but they all fell through, either due to lack of support from the MPs at the time, or simply running out debating time. The bill that was successful in passing into legislation was originally put before Parliament by Jack Straw following the Burns inquiry, which concluded that some fox hunting “seriously compromise the welfare of the fox”.  Straw’s original bill offered a number of different options for dealing with fox hunting – ranging from a total ban to taking no action. After much too-ing and  fro-ing and going through all the usual processes of Parliament, the Hunting Bill was eventually passed by the Commons in 2004, but the Lords tried to block it, and refused to budge on the issue.

1. The argument often put forward by hunting supporters is that the ban bypassed the House of Lords by invoking a Parliament Act. This Act, which uses the Parliament Acts of 1911 and 1949, asserts the supremacy of the Commons by stating that the elected Chamber can override the Lords by  preventing them from blocking legislation for more than two sessions in one year. I believe that this is the right thing to do: the Commons, who are elected by and accountable to the public, voted overwhelmingly in favour of the ban, would have been prevented from passing such an important bit of legislation had the Act not been invoked. It is my opinion that the Lords, the majority of whom are appointed internally and are not accountable to the public, should not attempt to block legislation that was clearly so popular. In addition, if people hunting proponents still disagree that it was wrong to use the Parliament Act, it was only resorted to after a lengthy period of ping-pong between the Commons and Lords, with latter refusing to accept that their demands would not be given into.

2. Secondly, the majority of the public are in favour of the ban, so when the Lords tried to block the legislation, not only were they going against the majority opinion of the Commons, but also that of the general public: “Among the general public as a whole, three quarters (75 per cent) support the ban on fox hunting remaining, while 21 per cent want it repealed.” [ and] Whilst I do not agree that Parliament must do everything the public asks for, we should remember that one of the functions of our legislature is to represent the people, surely it should be the duty of Parliamentarians, including the Lords, to recognise that a huge chunk of the public support the ban, and concede to agreeing to it. It is, however, shocking that Cameron would seek to repeal the ban and allow hunting once again, despite the fact that the vast majority of people are in favour of keeping

It should also be noted that members of the governing party were not firmly bound by their leader’s stance, who apparently favoured licensing of hunts rather than a full ban. Labour MPs, most of whom preferred the option of a full ban, voted for one. []

 In addition, I think it should also be noted that the actions of pro-hunt protestors were not always democratic: such as when a small group distrupted a parliamentary debate by storming into the Commons. []


Avoiding the questions, the Cameron way

David Cameron says little when it comes to substance on most issues. Labour have rightly shown up his lack of ability to deal with policy, even on hunting he is deceptive over his true intentions. He hides his passion for bringing back animal cruelty by hiding it behind words such as “a Free Vote”.

His favourite ploy, when challenged to explain his support for animal cruelty, is to claim hunting is traditional and a way of life. He will also imply all rural people support hunting despite knowing full well this is not true. If he was to succeed it would be horrendous for our wildlife.

Yet does Cameron care? No, for in repealing the ban he would be the first British Prime Minister to ever scrap an animal welfare law, yet Cameron is less keen to be associated with the reality. He knows its cruel. He and all hunters know that, yet he wants you to believe it’s not as bad as this campaign and others will tell you.

Below is how he responds to people opposed to his plan.  The reply is not from Cameron directly, but instead from his office. This is a standard response that goes out to all that oppose his view.  It’s more than likely that Cameron has never taken the time to read one letter that disagrees with him.

His response however is not really good enough for replying in this way. It shows the typical arrogance we have come to know from him. Where is the level of understanding as to why people are so upset with him. Where is any response to concerns about the suffering of animals that is meaningful and true. Where is his understanding that democracy has spoken and society does not want hunting with dogs back?

Truth is, that regardless of whether you have been a Tory for 30 years, have campaigned for animals or are a constituent who will now back Labour because of his view, Cameron will not be interested unless of course you support animal cruelty.

To add insult to injury his office provides a link to a Telegraph article in which Shadow DEFRA Minister Nick Herbert professes his belief that the ban must go. While doing so, of course, he forgets to tell the readers that he was the Head of Communications for the most pro bloodsport group there was; The British Field Sport Society (BFSS) which is now, of course, The Countryside Alliance…?

The article also fails to mention that Nick Herbert is, or has been, part of a Beagle Hunt Pack…? So, in short, how is a biased article from another one of Camerons bloodsport chums meant to give any balance in response?

We have added an original letter that would receive such a reply… If you compare the two letters you will see how little thought goes into Cameron’s response.


We have removed the names of the sender and receiver of this e-mail to help protect peoples identity.

From: CAMERON, David
To: “‘@@@@@@@@'”
Date: ^^^^, ++++, 2010, +++++

Dear **********

I am writing on behalf of David Cameron to thank you for your  recent e-mail about the Hunting Act.

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Hilary shows Cameron is completely out of touch with the British public

Labours new campaign to back the hunting ban is a triumph for animal welfare and democracy in one stroke. By launching this campaign which has the full backing of the Prime minister it speaks volumes to the values that Labour is set to continue if elected after the election.

By launching on Boxing Day, which has up to now been a day of propaganda from the hunting lobby. It challenges direct the view that the hunts are important and that only their view matter. All too often we have seen little balance in how the issue is reported by the media. Today was no exception with a pitiful interview of the Old Surrey and Burstow Hunt Master by the BBC that did its best to avoid having any fair balance at all.

Is the BBC really trying to say that out of the whole country and a new campaign that they could not find anyone to speak in favour of the ban?

The hunting ban not only works. It will continue to set the tone for animal welfare as opposed to animal abuse. Today we see David Cameron pitting his entire party not against Labour but the British public. For that is in effect what he is doing. By taking up the challenge to make out hunting for fun is more important than the economy, its little wonder the public are not impressed.

Hilary Benn has called it right as too has Gordon Brown, for animal cruelty is not an issue that should ever be ignored. It is important because it makes us the type of society we want to be. It’s not for nothing that the nation has a history of defending the underdog and down trodden.  For fairness goes to the core of what being British is all about. It’s nothing to do with a person’s wealth to why others disagree with hunting with dogs.

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Watch the Back the Ban Video

Labours back the ban campaign has produced and excellent short video. Introduced by Labour Minister Hilary Benn MP the video has strong messages of support for the hunting ban from actors you will know. 


Patrick Stewart, Jenny Seagrove & Tony Robinson all support the ban and want you to do the same.

To help the animals and to show your disgust at hunting with dogs all you need to do is share this link around as much as you can. If you use social networking sites then put them to good use. It’s easy and takes seconds.

Tell your friends and family to watch this video and pass it on. The more who see it the more the impact to help our wildlife it generates. Our wildlife deserves so much more than David Cameron and the Countryside Alliance.

Animal cruelty is not civilised and can never be justified. David Cameron is trying to excuse that cruelty. This is your chance to fight back and say no.

Do not forget to go to and add your support and message why you are against the ban being repealed if David Cameron ever got the chance.



Add your reasons for Hilary for why you back the ban

Labours new campaign to support the hunting ban is now in full swing. Here is your chance to add your reasons on why you think the hunting ban must stay. This is the first of our campaigns responses to Labour’s new campaign, launched today. So do look out for more articles today and in the coming week.

Hilary Benn MP: Secretary of State for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) is leading the charge against David Cameron and his friends in the hunting lobby. He has outlined reasons why Labour not only introduced the hunting ban but also why they are determined to support it.

The DEFRA Minister said:

“For David Cameron, getting the act repealed is a priority.

“He used to hunt foxes; he talked about fox-hunting in his first ever speech to Parliament; and he has said that if he becomes prime minister he will get rid of the fox-hunting ban.


“But, like the vast majority of people, I think that the barbaric act of letting dogs tear foxes to pieces shouldn’t return to our countryside.”

Hilary has set out an easy method via Labours back the ban website to show your support and have your say. All you need do is add you name and e-mail and your views on why hunting must stay banned. It’s quick and easy to do but it makes a difference.

It is open to everyone, so even if you are not a Labour supporter you can still have your say. It is very important that as many people who are opposed to hunting add their views and support for the ban.

So do not just fill in this page yourself, share this page link on social networking sites. Tell you’re friends and families that you have added your views and ask them do the same.

Our wildlife and democracy deserve so much more than David Cameron and the Countryside Alliance. This is your chance to fight back and say no to the hunters.


Here is the link just click on the image and below it is our comment we added as an example

 “There is not one signal reason for hunting with dogs; it serves no purpose other than the enjoyment of a tiny few. Labour listened to the people and was right to ban hunting with dogs. The thought of the Tories bringing it back is an utter disgrace and would bring shame on the nation. Animal cruelty in the name of fun is uncivilised and shows those involved lack basic humanity”

What else can you do?

Want to know what your MP or Parliamentary Candidate thinks about hunting? Do they support the hunting ban or do they seek its repeal. You may have a Conservative MP or a candidate who has not made his views known.

Well you as the voter have a right to ask questions and this automated e-mail lets you achieve just that. All parliamentary candidates will be automatically asked the same question so from Labour, Tory and Lib Dem.

All you need to do is add your postcode and e-mail and await the response from them. It’s a great way to let those who want to represent you know what you think. Again it’s open for all to use and you do not have to be a Labour supporter to use it.

We hope you will consider supporting the Labour candidate if they are anti hunting. The future of our wildlife hangs in the balance if Cameron was to get his way. The more people in Parliament who care for animals the safer they will be.

Why not pass on any comments you receive from the candidates, we have been compiling some of the responses and will place them on Fox in Parliament soon.

Same goes for any comment you add-on why you want the ban to stay.

Of course after you have submitted your comment to the back the ban website first.

We will put them together in an article just send them to :

We are winning this fight to stop animal cruelty returning. David Cameron can be stopped and the hunting lobby are the ones on the run not the fox.

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