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The politics of cruelty with David Cameron

Decency took a step back today by allowing an unelected David Cameron to assume office. His party won no mandate and has no  legitimacy is saying his manifesto stands. His pledge to repeal the hunting ban was an indication of just how far removed he is from decent society. Whatever Cameron may assume he is, he will never fill the shoes of the man he replaced?

So where does this leave our wildlife, well it’s not good the balance of numbers in the commons is tight. Yet there are no guarantees that Cameron will even honour a Free Vote, despite his pledge. For if he thinks he would lose his bid for repeal on a Free Vote he will make it a government bill. There is also the option of a Private Members Bill which would amount to the same result. His defence for such underhand tricks would be to say a commitment to repeal was in the manifesto or that he is supporting one of his MPs with legitimate concerns.

It’s also more than likely he will hide the repeal among other pieces of legislation. So it will be the case that if you oppose it, you would also be saying no to some sweetener that is added. Other moves could see the timing of the bill come into play. If they time it when they know the least number of MPs opposed to repeal were present. Then again the result would be bad.

Labour is short some 49 MPs of the Tories 307. Yet now with the Lib Dems added in it gives them 364. On paper that is a majority of 106. How the Lib Dems vote will decide the outcome. 30 have indicated they would support the ban. Yet that was on the assumption it was a Free Vote. It’s the same with the Tories. 14 said they would support the ban. Yet again if not a Free Vote would they? For to have a career in the Tories today you have to be pro hunting.

Labour MPs will step up to the plate and they will lead to fight against repeal in the Commons. Of that we have no doubt. Out of all the 258 Labour MPs it is expected only two would vote for repeal. So you can be sure we will be making their names known if that is the case. There is no justification for any Labour MPs to support animal cruelty.

The League Against Cruel Sports have come up with some numbers, now we have not had time to look at them in full to see which MPs they refer to. What is clear however is this is no time for thinking Cameron could not achieve his aims?

Of the new parliament according to the League Against Cruel Sports.

  •      251 MPs support the repeal
  •      254 MPs support the ban
  •      6 would abstain
  •      35 MPs have not declared which way they would go.

This will no doubt be a massive battle and there is much lobbying needed. If the figures are correct then it really is tight. Nothing can be taken for granted. The way the public can help is to keep raising it with their MPs and in public. Let others know that this is not a what if. David Cameron placed repealing the hunting ban in his manifesto and it’s no joke.

Put pressure on Nick Clegg, what is his Party’s policy. Will he abide by the will of the people or a stick to a dodgy undemocratic deal with Cameron? It’s not good enough for Clegg not to answer or to spell out his party’s position. We as Support the Hunting Act (BAN) UK and Fox in Parliament will be challenging him to do the right thing. If not then he is as bad as David Cameron. Campaign groups will mobilise but it needs you to help spread the word and get involved. We are looking for new bloggers and people to join us.

There are many positions within the campaign that need good people to fill. We are towards the Labour Party, so if you are interested it’s expected that you would support Labour being in office. For info send an e-mail to:

We always said a man who sees nothing wrong in animals being torn apart for fun is unfit to lead the nation. That is still the case, nothing has changed. We cannot allow the hunting lobby through David Cameron to dictate policy over our wildlife.

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Camerons self interest against the nation

I was compelled to write this article due to the risks to our wildlife. Both from David Cameron and his Conservative party who are determined to repeal the ban on hunting with dogs. The hunting ban remains popular and well supported it is therefore staggering that David Cameron would seek its repeal. If David  Cameron gets his way it will be a travesty of justice.  Thousands of animals will die in both a horrific and needless fashion.

Hunting with hounds is an out moded and barbaric past time of the rich and the bored. I fail to see how pleasure can be derived, in capturing an animal, taking it miles away from its set. Releasing it, knowing it will be chased by ravenous dogs (ravenous because they have deliberately not been fed for a day perhaps even two before the hunt). If the fox does make it back to its set, exhausted, terrified out of its wits and virtually unable to stand, the creature then discovers a member of the hunt has filled in the set. Therefore rendering the sanctuary of the foxes home unobtainable.

The fox is then torn apart, whilst still alive, by the starving hounds! Any new member of the hunt has the ‘honour’ of being daubed with blood from the fox’s brush. How can this be acceptable in today’s society? The UK voiced their disgust at such heinous behaviour and voted to ban hunting with hounds. Cameron can have no respect for the citizens of The UK, how could he if he is determined to repeal such an important law?  A law that people feel so passionately about?

Cameron and his co horts want to repeal the ban, for personal gain.

Even though it has been against the law to hunt animals with hounds for the last five years in The UK, Camerons hunting supporters have still been blatantly hunting with hounds and thus BREAKING the law in some parts of the country. Some in the hunting world never actually stopped hunting with hounds, flaunting the fact.

Cameron has also said that if the Conservatives get back into power then in the first week there will also be a badger cull of epic proportions. This man is ruthless and vindictive; he has no morals, no scruples, and sees animals as merely a means of entertainment. He is on record as telling voters in Plymouth that he would be willing to sanction badger culling.

Any person and political party who has such scant regard for the wishes of The United Kingdom, who runs rough shod over the unified decisions made by its peoples.

Any person and political party who has shown no respect for the animal’s and human’s, who would be at the mercy of such a party, in my and many others opinions, should NEVER be allowed to govern our wonderful, noble island, and Northern Ireland. I hope that this article will help towards ensuring the continued ban on Hunting with Hounds, that the law is never repealed, and that the Conservative Party never gets back into power.

(ED) We share your views and concerns. It is more clear than ever that Mr Cameron would be the wrong choice to be Prime Minister. Our wildlife and our nation deserve so much more than David Cameron.

Written by  Lisa Huskisson


Decency means saying no to Cameron

In the coming weeks many of you will say, oh it’s just an election, I’m not interested or I can’t be bothered with all that. What’s the use of voting their all the same? Yet while there are always endless excuses not to vote our wildlife will pay the price.

No Party or government is perfect and nobody ever gets all they want or think they should. Political Party’s are a collection of people brought together who believe society is important. They seek to mend and to inspire yet they go further. Their views have an impact on all you do. Be it your job, your lifestyle your future all our interconnected.

So the notion that politics does not affect you, well that’s never been the case. Governments also create laws and it is within those laws that we see their true thinking. It is here we can see if a government is decent or one that is selective on what priorities it supports.

Our wildlife depends on people being decent in government in order to reflect the wishes of society. For them there are no choices, they have no ability to vote against hunting. They can not petition or lobby to achieve the outcome that will protect them. They rely on you. Such is the horror they face with a Cameron win that it is hard to imagine this is 2010. 

David Cameron has shown again and again that he cares nothing for our wildlife. His obsession with hunting with dogs has been the backbone of his thinking since entering Parliament. Never before has there been quite an opposition leader who thinks of society as only in terms of a hunting season. The harm to our wildlife and Britain’s standing in the world hangs in the balance.

As a nation we pride ourselves on decency and fairness. Something however that seems unimaginable to David Cameron. What he considers decent is beyond mere mortals like us.

If we lose the hunting ban we lose our ability to speak out against animal cruelty. How can we in the UK say it is wrong of Canada to kill seals or Spain to kill bulls when we allow legal dog fighting? Can you imagine the reaction the UK would receive if they objected to consumption of Cats and Dogs in the Philippines?

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For your eyes only, when reality hurts.

Seeing images or video that show cruelty can be hard. You want to look away. You know that a part of you will always remember those images. Yet you also know that sometimes reality has to be seen. We all do it. When it comes to seeing animal cruelty we feel anger, yes. Yet bringing ourselves to see what is happening. Is just as important in order to work out why? Well knowing something is not the same as seeing the reality.

The League Against Cruel Sports have released a video that dose exactly what it says on the tin. It shows the reality of hunting. Yet is shows it in a way that all can understand. This powerful video is a must see. Now I can hear some of you thinking it will be gory. Well the directors and the Bright Young Things who put this together are one step ahead of you.

They have put together a group of celebrities and it is they who see the reality. You however will still feel the horror and anger at what they see. The video being shown shows the deliberate cruelty hunting inflicts on our wildlife. The terminology is traditional hunting? The hunting lobby love words that disuse horrific acts of cruelty.

They can’t disuse the disgust and distress on the faces of the celebrities. Yet  the tried. Jim Barrington the pro bloodsport apologist for the hunting lobby has had a go. He claimed that as the celebrities were actors, that therefore they were overacting. Well when you watch the video, you will see how stupid that claim is.

The celebrities who reacted to the reality are people you know. They are just like you and me. For like you they can’t believe that anyone could see hunting with dogs as right or civilised. Our society is a good society. Our people are some of the fairest and compassionate people in the world. Yet we are let down by a tiny minority again and again. Those that seek bloodsport have placed themselves outside of decent society.

Recently David Cameron was challenged to ditch his policy to bring back animal cruelty. Labour’s Hilary Benn and the thousands who co-signed his letter await a reply. For this matter is about animal welfare. It’s also about decency. Something that Cameron has been lacking. The moment he thought hunting was right is when he let the nation down.


 Tony Robinson compares fox-hunting to “hoodies picking on an asthmatic.”

 The celebrities where Gemma Atkinson, Tony Robinson, Uri Geller, Tamara Ecclestone, Colin Baker, Peter Tatchell, Bill Oddie and Annette Crosbie.


We are now at the 5th anniversary of the hunting ban. Despite the passage of time since the ban came in. Not withstanding the normal tribulations with the Courts. The hunting ban is working…Yes there is always more to do. However we should be proud. We should not let the biased press tell us what to think. When we brought in the hunting ban, the world took note. It shouts out loud that the British people will not tolerate animal cruelty.

It gives our country leadership on the issue of animal welfare globally. It raises our standing and it encourages other countries to reduce harm to their wildlife. Having a hunting ban is a major achievement for animal welfare. Your voice and our good MPs made it happen.

We can not go back; you have seen the reactions of people to cruelty. Let’s not allow hunting to place a stain on our nation again. Cameron must be stopped and he can lose the election.


Cameron fails to understand decency

As a voting, and actively involved conservative for much of my life, it has been most recent, that I have had to revaluate my thoughts seriously. It is hard to imagine, why, when the country has many pending concerns, as to how, repealing the hunting ban is deemed of such great importance.

I recently took the time, to see a television documentary on Dogs, and how, they have been shown, as not only mans best friend, but as perceptive, and clever companions, …it was stated that, there are more dog owners now, then ever, even with the sorry disbandment that we see happening, as a result apparently, of the current financial situation.

I draw my thoughts, as to why then, if we love our canine friends so dearly, why would we even entertain hunting of the foxes for example, one of the canines family indeed…I had the privilege of having a strong bond with one particular fox, who I add, had the similar characteristics of that of my pet!, and even a less keen neighbor was won over, by his playful, attentive but cautious nature.

The Fox is just one of the beautiful animals, that we have allowed to be hunted, with myths, and old fashioned suggestion, much of which sadly, has become a “class” opiniated sport if you please?
The hunting ban has shown itself to be, that of compassion, fairness and decency, if we can destroy this, in our society, one has to ask, what is next?  It is good to know, that 59% of the conservative party supporters do not want to repeal such a ban, however they go un heard by their leader David Cameron, and his shadow, cabinet…,clearly a man who listens to the people?..Or perhaps not//.

How can we trust David Cameron? When hunting is shown to be the height of animal cruelty on all levels. Yet when there are many issues that need addressing his determination is to focus on repeal at all costs. For these reasons, I can no longer give my vote of confidence to David Cameron to lead the Conservative Party in a way that is compassionate and caring.
I believe, that
Labour has shown a greater level of compassion and commitment to animal welfare. By creating and supporting the hunting ban
which will no doubt, not just be reflective in the Hunting Ban, but what a good place to start… I have found myself asking do we have a Conservative Party anymore or is it now just the Countryside Alliance Party? Why oh why, would this encourage us to have faith in a man who clearly sees nothing wrong with mindless cruelty again I say, where will it stop?

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