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For your eyes only, when reality hurts.

Seeing images or video that show cruelty can be hard. You want to look away. You know that a part of you will always remember those images. Yet you also know that sometimes reality has to be seen. We all do it. When it comes to seeing animal cruelty we feel anger, yes. Yet bringing ourselves to see what is happening. Is just as important in order to work out why? Well knowing something is not the same as seeing the reality.

The League Against Cruel Sports have released a video that dose exactly what it says on the tin. It shows the reality of hunting. Yet is shows it in a way that all can understand. This powerful video is a must see. Now I can hear some of you thinking it will be gory. Well the directors and the Bright Young Things who put this together are one step ahead of you.

They have put together a group of celebrities and it is they who see the reality. You however will still feel the horror and anger at what they see. The video being shown shows the deliberate cruelty hunting inflicts on our wildlife. The terminology is traditional hunting? The hunting lobby love words that disuse horrific acts of cruelty.

They can’t disuse the disgust and distress on the faces of the celebrities. Yet  the tried. Jim Barrington the pro bloodsport apologist for the hunting lobby has had a go. He claimed that as the celebrities were actors, that therefore they were overacting. Well when you watch the video, you will see how stupid that claim is.

The celebrities who reacted to the reality are people you know. They are just like you and me. For like you they can’t believe that anyone could see hunting with dogs as right or civilised. Our society is a good society. Our people are some of the fairest and compassionate people in the world. Yet we are let down by a tiny minority again and again. Those that seek bloodsport have placed themselves outside of decent society.

Recently David Cameron was challenged to ditch his policy to bring back animal cruelty. Labour’s Hilary Benn and the thousands who co-signed his letter await a reply. For this matter is about animal welfare. It’s also about decency. Something that Cameron has been lacking. The moment he thought hunting was right is when he let the nation down.


 Tony Robinson compares fox-hunting to “hoodies picking on an asthmatic.”

 The celebrities where Gemma Atkinson, Tony Robinson, Uri Geller, Tamara Ecclestone, Colin Baker, Peter Tatchell, Bill Oddie and Annette Crosbie.


We are now at the 5th anniversary of the hunting ban. Despite the passage of time since the ban came in. Not withstanding the normal tribulations with the Courts. The hunting ban is working…Yes there is always more to do. However we should be proud. We should not let the biased press tell us what to think. When we brought in the hunting ban, the world took note. It shouts out loud that the British people will not tolerate animal cruelty.

It gives our country leadership on the issue of animal welfare globally. It raises our standing and it encourages other countries to reduce harm to their wildlife. Having a hunting ban is a major achievement for animal welfare. Your voice and our good MPs made it happen.

We can not go back; you have seen the reactions of people to cruelty. Let’s not allow hunting to place a stain on our nation again. Cameron must be stopped and he can lose the election.


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