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ireland puts stag hunting cruelty into the history books.

On the 29th June 2010 Ireland banned the cruelty that is stag hunting with dogs. This vital move paves the way forward for banning other blood sports such as fox-hunting and hare coursing. The article below was written just before the vote banning stag hunting took place. We feel it is still valid as it relates to why no blood sport is ever justified so we have not sort to amend the article to the latest news.


Our response to Kevin Myers of the Irish Independent for his article:

The essence of good land management is murder 

Read his article and then our response. We feel we are more realistic then he could ever be.


It is staggering to keep reading such weak excuses for animal cruelty? Mr Myers article from the Irish Independent is a prime example of how the press fail to see the reality.

Mr Myers states “Natural selection genetically engineered most stags to escape the hounds’ forebears, the wolf pack, so there is nothing more natural for a stag than to be hunted”

Stag hunts are manmade and have no effect on population numbers of stags at all. They are pointless in the extreme. Just like fox hunting they serve one purpose and one purpose only. They are there for the enjoyment of a tiny few. You can never compare nature to the stupidity of man. A wolf would indeed give chase to a stag and kill. Yet wolves did so to survive. Natures balance was already set when it came to deer’s by the existence of the wolf. It was man after all who wiped the wolf out of Ireland and the UK. The notion that a few stags killed by a stag hunt could make up for natures balance is stretching reality to the extreme.

Ignorance seems rife amongst those that go stag hunting the endless excuses to justify charging around the countryside for miles after mile to terrify a stag. Serves only to show how out of touch with decent society they are. It is right that the Greens and the Irish Labour Party seek to ban the activity for good. In the wider context allowing stag hunting and any form of blood sport brings shame to any nation that allows such stupidity to continue.

Banning stag hunting will not lead to an explosion in deer populations and deep down Mr Myers knows that. It will not also alter the situation with the planting of trees. Yet what is clear is as bit of thought about where trees are planted will destroy the notion that tens of thousands of deer need culling.

Killing animals has seldom anything to do with acting as natures balance. Nature does not need a helping hand in the way it’s assumed. Just because farmers 200 years ago planted hedges and ploughed up the land does not mean nature is on a long term holiday. Given the chance nature would soon take back those fields and trees would once again start to flourish.

It is man that causes the problems in how the countryside behaves. It may come as a shock for some people in the press to learn that there are no straight line is nature. Man has destroyed most of the natural habitat animals use to live in. Yet seem shocked when they seek refuge elsewhere. We are but one species out of many, the ability to talk clearly is still not linked to the ability to think. The countryside is a living breathing environment it is not just another tool for man.

Too much weight is given to the need to raise money from the land instead of preserving it for our wildlife or future generations. A landowner may indeed own land but at what cost. Why should animals and people lose out just because a landowner wants to plough up yet another wood or meadow? If we really care for the countryside we have to remember why it’s there and its purpose in nature. It should never only be seen as a route to make money.

The other notion that without blood sport nature cannot survive shows how little some men understand nature at all. Yet should we be surprised at the ignorance shown, well no for those that support blood sports are forever using such lame claims as a reason to kill. Animal cruelty is animal cruelty; you cannot dress it up and hide it amongst myths of need.

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Camerons self interest against the nation

I was compelled to write this article due to the risks to our wildlife. Both from David Cameron and his Conservative party who are determined to repeal the ban on hunting with dogs. The hunting ban remains popular and well supported it is therefore staggering that David Cameron would seek its repeal. If David  Cameron gets his way it will be a travesty of justice.  Thousands of animals will die in both a horrific and needless fashion.

Hunting with hounds is an out moded and barbaric past time of the rich and the bored. I fail to see how pleasure can be derived, in capturing an animal, taking it miles away from its set. Releasing it, knowing it will be chased by ravenous dogs (ravenous because they have deliberately not been fed for a day perhaps even two before the hunt). If the fox does make it back to its set, exhausted, terrified out of its wits and virtually unable to stand, the creature then discovers a member of the hunt has filled in the set. Therefore rendering the sanctuary of the foxes home unobtainable.

The fox is then torn apart, whilst still alive, by the starving hounds! Any new member of the hunt has the ‘honour’ of being daubed with blood from the fox’s brush. How can this be acceptable in today’s society? The UK voiced their disgust at such heinous behaviour and voted to ban hunting with hounds. Cameron can have no respect for the citizens of The UK, how could he if he is determined to repeal such an important law?  A law that people feel so passionately about?

Cameron and his co horts want to repeal the ban, for personal gain.

Even though it has been against the law to hunt animals with hounds for the last five years in The UK, Camerons hunting supporters have still been blatantly hunting with hounds and thus BREAKING the law in some parts of the country. Some in the hunting world never actually stopped hunting with hounds, flaunting the fact.

Cameron has also said that if the Conservatives get back into power then in the first week there will also be a badger cull of epic proportions. This man is ruthless and vindictive; he has no morals, no scruples, and sees animals as merely a means of entertainment. He is on record as telling voters in Plymouth that he would be willing to sanction badger culling.

Any person and political party who has such scant regard for the wishes of The United Kingdom, who runs rough shod over the unified decisions made by its peoples.

Any person and political party who has shown no respect for the animal’s and human’s, who would be at the mercy of such a party, in my and many others opinions, should NEVER be allowed to govern our wonderful, noble island, and Northern Ireland. I hope that this article will help towards ensuring the continued ban on Hunting with Hounds, that the law is never repealed, and that the Conservative Party never gets back into power.

(ED) We share your views and concerns. It is more clear than ever that Mr Cameron would be the wrong choice to be Prime Minister. Our wildlife and our nation deserve so much more than David Cameron.

Written by  Lisa Huskisson


An alternative to Hare Coursing, no more exscuses

Hare coursing was banned when the hunting ban came in, it was always a sickening spectacle by people outside of compassion, devoid of any sense of wrong doing. The end result was always for the poor Hare to be used like a rag doll after the dogs had caught it. 

The tearing of animals apart for fun seems to form the basis of blood-sport. The more the animal cruelty the more those who follow such uncivilised behavior get a glee in their eye. Like fox-hunting, Deer and Mink hunting Hare Coursing never served any purpose. 

The enjoyment of a tiny few was its motivation. Only the excuses changed instead of talk of control it was one of enjoying watching the dogs work? Cruelty is cruelty and no excuse can ever justify that. It is right that Hare Coursing was banned and it is right that those who seek to break the ban are treated like criminals. 

Below is two examples, the first is Lure Coursing 


This first video is an example of how humane alternatives can be found and used. No killing is ever needed.  It is called Lure Coursing this example is form Australia. The dogs from all breeds big and small follow a rag around a field.  

The dogs have a wonderful time as do the owners. So the challenge to people who seek Hare Coursing in the UK and Ireland is given you have a humane alternative why are you not creating it? 

The 2nd video shows the reality of what Mr Cameron would bring back if he repealed the hunting ban. Any decent person watching this video should be concerned about David Cameron. Unlike you and me he is not horrified at this video or of the cruelty inflicted on our wildlife with fox, deer and mink hunting. 

In terms of decency and being a fit person to be considered to be a Prime minister he is showing how unfit for the role he really is. There is a nasty vile side that is hidden by the PR spin around Cameron. That would if allowed bring shame on Britain for his love of killing animals for fun. 

Hare coursing the barbaric way 


Pitiful isn’t it, where is the justice to the images you have just seen. Mindless cruel people intent on killing. Not rational human beings but nasty small-minded people who love to see blood being spilled for their entrainment. 

The sheer baying of the crowd for the kill puts the reality into their lies that its not about watching dogs work. 

It is vile, wrong and disgusting. Those in the fox-hunting  world share the links to such cruelty. The Waterloo Cup a money spinner and was as much a beacon for the Countryside Alliance as it ever was for the fox-hunting lobby to support. 

The hunting lobby has pretended that it was not something they supported in an attempt to deflect when the ban loomed. Yet they are stained with the same cruelty. 

The decent people of Britain and Ireland are fed up with endless excuses from the blood-sport lobby. You have no reasons or justification to kill animals for fun. Grow up and find humane alternatives. 

Given the two versions it is clear which version decent society would support. There is nothing decent about blood-sport or those that support it. 

If you are in Ireland and would like to help support the campaign for the Hare Coursing Ban as well as the campaign against other blood-sport then go to this link. Irish Council Against Blood Sport 

If you are in the UK join us today, check out the membership page.  

Do not let David Cameron bring back animal cruelty. Do not vote Tory at the next General election. Labour have pledged to support the hunting ban. Lets keep the ban and make sure cruelty remains in the past. For Labours new national campaign to back the hunting ban go to

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