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Jackie’s Charltons shame…

Jackie Charltons shame

It seems sometimes that just because somebody played football we as a nation are never

allowed to questions a persons judgement.  Well we disagree.  Any person who takes parts in or actively supports blood sport lets society down regardless of who they are.

In this example its mink hunting, Mr Charlton is so proud of his connection that he gives the commentary. When this video was taken is not known. Yet it might as well have been made yesterday. 


When people think of the hunting ban being repealed they think of fox hunting. Yet it’s not just the poor foxes that will suffer extreme animal cruelty if the ban is lifted.

Hare coursing, stag hunting and mink hunting will all return if  Cameron gets his way.

Nobody has a right to kill animals for fun, not PMs and no ex football stars.

David Cameron has already appointed a Minister for Hunting and Shooting. That’s your money paying for an MP to ensure the hunting lobby feel appreciated? You can forget decency with David Cameron as he simply does not care.

What has the Mink ever done to man, except want to survive.


Labour and Democracy V Hunters and Conservatives

The votes on hunting throughout the Labour government were free votes. Meaning we saw true representative democracy; MP’s voted for what they thought was right, what they thought their constituents wanted and most importantly what they thought would help them get re-elected. This means that there can be no protestation that MP’s only voted for a ban because they were whipped as such, and certainly not that voters did not really want a ban. The Lord’s may have tried to block the ban, and the old conservative establishment might have prevented the ban since 1949; but in the end democracy won out. Eventually, in 2004, the thousands of protesters, the millions of supporters and more than fifty years worth of cries were heard. Yet it is amazing how closely the vote was to traditional party lines despite the free vote, there will be no Conservatives who voted for the ban left after the next election, they are still a party full of hunters.

It is recent legislation, it is popular legislation and every independent poll shows it has public support. In fact the main criticism of the ban has been that it does not go far enough, and that it is not being policed stringently. These criticisms are to a large extent fair, but this is no reason to step back into the past and legalise bloodlust.

So on what democratic authority can Conservatives call for repeal?

There are those who will argue that if the Conservatives win the next election with a majority they will have a mandate to vote on repeal, it will be democracy in action. But that is simply not true; if the Conservatives win the next election they will not have majority support it is the nature of our electoral system; effective governments can be formed with 35%  vote share. Exempting one independent a sprinkling of Liberal Democrats and some Northern Irish MP’s only Conservatives voted to keep foxhunting completely unlicensed. Unless by some bloodthirsty hunter’s fantasy the Conservatives get a fifty percent share of the vote, there can be no real claims of democratic mandate, most people will vote for parties who are against fox hunting.

We are all wise enough to understand that with unemployment, public service cuts and issues of trust, foxhunting is not high on the priority list for most voters. This will only help the Conservatives sneak repeal minded candidates into Parliament unnoticed. Do not believe claims by some Conservatives that they do not support hunting, only the right to hunt; they are still funded by the hunting lobby, their core voters are hunters, many Conservatives (including Cameron) are brought up in a culture of hunting. They obviously put their own self interest, their own bloodthirsty pastimes above majority opinion. By repealing the ban they will oppose democracy, let us hope it takes the repealers more than the 56 years we spent, to get their evil way.

Rob Brown


EXCLUSIVE: Tories may kill Hunting Act

Despite the heading we know it is not exclusive as the Tories are desperate to kill the ban and they will go to any length to achieve their aims.

However, we do like this article for another reason as it mentions our campaign from a quote we supplied…

So what is on your priority list? We all know what's on Cameron's

This is Cornwall…

Do we really want to see our standing around the world as animal lovers in tatters because of David Cameron and his Tory front bench?

Has he asked you your view about repealing the hunting ban?

Did he make a pledge to you that he would respect democracy if the majority opposes the ban being lifted….No? …..funny that..

Perhaps it’s because he thinks your views are unimportant and irrelevant! But then David Cameron is the very same Tory Party leader who has been hunting with dogs and in his spare time has shot deer for entertainment….

So it we would suggest you do not hold your breath while waiting for compassion.

Hardly Mr. Nice guy is he…


How the Tories gain their money?

Hunting lobby donated £5,500 after Tory MP Nick Herbert vowed to end hunting ban

Spare any change Mr Hunter……..


The Cruel Conservatives and Hunting

The highly controversial fox hunting ‘sport’ has been going on for hundreds of years. It is believed it started in 1534 in Norfolk, but what pleasure does it exactly give to fox hunters to cruelly chase innocent animals with hounds to their death. Rich Tories on horseback in their ‘packs’ racing and chasing

A terrifeid fox soon to die by hounds after digging out by terrier men

A terrified fox soon to die by hounds after digging out by terrier men

through the countryside. We already know that David Cameron, William Hague and the majority of Conservative MP’s want to overturn the Hunting Ban, even the new Conservative MP Chloe Smith is pro hunting. But you only have to check on the public whip website to see who supported and opposed the bill.

Eight Conservative MP’s including Ann Widdecombe supported the bill to ban fox hunting, and a staggering yet unsurprising majority of Conservative MP’s were against this Bill. 12 Liberal Democrat MP’s were also against the Hunting Bill.

The Hunting Ban has been one of the most controversial Acts of Parliament in recent times, but it is important it remains in place for the protection of our wildlife.If David Cameron did ever get in power and overturned this ban by using his fellow hunting MP’s to vote against it, it would be truly disastrous. Hunting is not a sport and it most certainly not a game it is extreme animal cruelty of our defenceless wildlife.

Some police forces in Britain have said that they have ‘better things to do, than prosecute hunters’ this is not the sort of attitude our police officers should have. A law is in place and police officers need to take this ban as serious as any other ban.

It is against the law to treat a household pet such as a dog or cat in a way which would cause it to starve, go thirsty or be treated in a way which would cause its death, which is why there needs to be more criminal prosecutions for hunting animals. Both are forms of animal cruelty.

It is important that we vote Labour at the next general election, because if we don’t and the Cruel Conservatives get in power, it is not just the people of Britain that would suffer as a result of their pointless policies but it would also be our wildlife.

The other side of hunting David Cameron ignores


The gloss is fading fast from Cameron

So the truth the truth is out, David Cameron expects you the voter to ignore your concerns over hunting with dogs and pretend there is no wrong. His anger over the issue is not one of concern for public opinion but the annoyance of being exposed for the cruel man he really is!

The word cruel and Cameron together, surely not for this is the nice guy, who presents himself as everyone’s friend regardless of issues. The lovable chap that many could call Bandwagon Cameron. Yet the reality is far from the gloss and endless spinning that Cameron wraps himself in.

Since he became Conservative Party leader he has been plotting the return of extreme animal cruelty. To do so it means ignoring democracy and the nations view. Yet obsession is a powerful force and he is obsessed with killing for fun.

The gloss fading fastThe Master of Foxhounds Association may have drawn up a new code of guidelines that imply everything is sweet and hunting could continue. Yet those guidelines are as bogus as Cameron’s belief he has a right to scrap the ban. No amount of pretence to imply hunting can be made more humane will convince the public. If you chase a wild animal to exhaustion and then delight in the animal being torn to pieces, you are cruel.

Cameron and his Shadow cabinet have been working hard behind the publics back to ensure hunting is their top priority. Not jobs, not schools, not the NHS and not helping people in a downturn. No, what drives Cameron and most of his Tory MPs is the thought of a jolly good day hunting foxes!

Is this really a government in waiting, who claim to be change the country needs? Who present an image that only they can bring the country together? A reality check is needed, the Tories earned the nasty Party tag in the 80’s and they are deserving of it today.

So as the nice guy image fades fast from David Cameron and, the chink of disappointment becomes a massive ravine. People are at last beginning to see the real Cameron, no longer protected by the press his weakness is there for all to see. We can expect more soft words and misleading remarks over his intention to bring animal cruelty back. Yet none of it matters now, the public have seen the other side and they do not like what they see.

Far from wanting to scrap the ban if Cameron really cared about democracy he would be supporting the ban and the people. He would also be condemning those who break the hunting law and agree with their prosecutions. But then this is a man who has been fox hunting and who shoots deer for fun. So we will not hold our breath.

If you can go to great lengths to look after a tiny minority, whose views and actions have been deem unacceptable by society. It only goes to show that Cameron is more interested in vested interest then of the nations concerns.

It also shows any leader who puts animal cruelty before that of the nation is unfit to be Prime Minister.


Hunting at the next Election

London campaign 028

Labour’s passage of the Hunting Act in 2004 will go down as one of its most progressive achievements when the history books come to be written. Despite the threats and violence of the pro-hunting thugs who attacked Parliament Square, Labour MPs trooped through the voting lobbies to strike a vital blow for social progress and animal welfare in the UK.

Yet it nearly didn’t make it onto the statute book, largely due to the prevarication of Tony Blair. Anyone who has read Alastair Campbell’s Diaries or any other memoirs of the New Labour era will know that Blair used hunting as a convenient rhetorical tool when under pressure. When it came to the crunch he preferred the dithering ‘Middle Way’ option, which in many ways this sums up the detachment of Blair from Labour’s grassroots. He was however courageously blocked by Labour MPs still angry at being misled over the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

After this landmark breakthrough following decades of fruitless failure over this issue, the battle is to now keep the ban in place given the impending threat of a Tory election victory. In tow to the pro-hunt lobby and the bulging chequebooks of the landed gentry, it is payback time if the Conservatives triumph in 2010, and that could be an appalling step backwards for animal welfare in the UK. Yet there is still time for Labour to include this issue within their long-term election strategy in order to significantly disrupt the Conservatives bid to regain power.

The Hunting Act has been dismissed as bad legislation by the bloodthirsty pro-hunters who have sought to flout it in complete defiance of the democratic wishes of the majority. Many of them only appear to respect democracy when it does what they want it to. Yet the Hunting Act could work if only the police were forced to address the matter seriously and generally showed less sympathy towards the hunting fraternity. A 2010 election pledge for Labour should be to tighten up the existing legislation and regulate hunting further. In short, if the hunters cannot control their hounds, then the hunt meeting should be prohibited from its pursuit and broken up there and then.

Despite the howls of anger and plans for revenge from the pro-hunting lobby, the Act has the capacity to remain firmly in place, but only if the Labour leadership shows more commitment to the issue than it has done in the past. The Labour government must loudly proclaim this Act as a sign of civilised progress as part of its list of key achievements, as part of a move towards a more compassionate British society. They need to make a future Conservative government too scared to repeal it for fear of generating significant public hostility.

Yet the anti-hunting lobby and Labour supporters of animal welfare must wake up and face the reality. Pressure groups and some Labour politicians seem to be dismissive of the Conservatives’ pledge to repeal the ban, yet such complacency is frightening. You only have to scour through websites such as to see how the blue-rinse brigade are salivating and chomping at the bit to reverse the one law that symbolises their perception of  Labour’s class warfare. I for one don’t want a return to violent terrier-boys attacking animal rights protesters’ while they get their kicks from hare-coursing and other barbaric activities.

For all of Cameron’s bluster about compassionate Conservatism, he needs to be fully exposed as a fervent supporter of animal cruelty. Labour have been criticised for playing the class card in recent months, but to depict Cameron in his riding gear, shrieking ‘tally-ho’ along with the blood smeared over the faces of fellow hunters after a successful ‘kill’, could prove to be some powerful election imagery for the Labour Party next year.

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