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Jackie’s Charltons shame…

Jackie Charltons shame

It seems sometimes that just because somebody played football we as a nation are never

allowed to questions a persons judgement.  Well we disagree.  Any person who takes parts in or actively supports blood sport lets society down regardless of who they are.

In this example its mink hunting, Mr Charlton is so proud of his connection that he gives the commentary. When this video was taken is not known. Yet it might as well have been made yesterday. 


When people think of the hunting ban being repealed they think of fox hunting. Yet it’s not just the poor foxes that will suffer extreme animal cruelty if the ban is lifted.

Hare coursing, stag hunting and mink hunting will all return if  Cameron gets his way.

Nobody has a right to kill animals for fun, not PMs and no ex football stars.

David Cameron has already appointed a Minister for Hunting and Shooting. That’s your money paying for an MP to ensure the hunting lobby feel appreciated? You can forget decency with David Cameron as he simply does not care.

What has the Mink ever done to man, except want to survive.


Hunting ban anniversary – MP warns ‘keep cruelty history’

On the anniversary of the Hunting Act, 18th February, Labours Angela Smith, MP for Basildon and East Thurrock, has issued a warning that the Conservative Party is committed to repealing the Act if it wins the General Election.

Angela said, “Parliament spent many hours debating the detail of the ban on hunting, to produce the Act we have. Now if he were to win the election later this year David Cameron wants to bring back the pursuit of foxes, deer and hares by packs of dogs – I had hoped that in the 21st century we had finally consigned these barbaric activities to the dustbin of history.”

Angela added, “the vast majority of the public support the ban on hunting and want to see our wildlife protected – the vast majority of Conservative candidates would bring back hunting and allow wildlife to be pursued to the death for sport. I hope people will question their election candidates very carefully on this matter. Not many issues are a clear cut ‘yes’ or ‘no’, but on this one it is very easy – either we support the current ban or not.”

Before her election as an MP, Angela built up an expertise on the subject as an officer of the League Against Cruel Sports.

Angela can be conntacted via her website

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