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‘Fox in Parliament Team’

The Fox in Parliament Team, will consist of a mixture of Labour MPs and Parliamentary Candidates, Members of the Labour Party,  Members of Support the Hunting Act (Ban) UK and dedicated guest bloggers.

As with any blog when it first starts, the number of Authors is small, however this tends to change very rapidly when people hear of the blog and of the level of debate.

Those that blog for the Team will be representing the campaign and also via connection, the Labour Party. Bloggers will have to be members or supporters of the Labour Party in order to post as part of the Team.

Guest bloggers will be exempt from that rule, if they do not share the same political views. They will however be expected to respect the campaign themes and direction.


A message to Labour MPs and candidates…..

Support the Hunting Act (Ban) UK was set up to aid Labour MPs and candidates while campaigning for the protection of the hunting ban.

Your support for the hunting ban is why this campaign is able to exist. If you would like to be part of the ‘Fox in Parliament’ Team, and have your own articles posted here.

Then just contact us at the address below


Want to be part of the ‘Fox in Parliament’ Team

We are happy to add good blogers to be part of the Team, to do so you need to be either a

Labour Party member or supporter.

You would be representing the campaign, so you would have to become a member of

Support the Hunting Act (Ban) UK

To apply, please send an example of an article or a link to an existing blog.


Feel free to ask us any questions about applying and being part of the Team.


Themes and topics this blog site loves…….

There are of course thousands of views on any big topic, yet it is also important that the purpose of Fox in Parliament remains focused. It’s important to us that when people view the articles they come to know and trust what has been written on these pages.

Below is a list of headings for some of the topics area that would relate to this campaign and where we would encourage our blog team to add to. It will not be an exhaustive list but gives ideas to the way we would like the debate to move forward.

Our blog team are allowed of course to bring new dimensions to what they write.

Suggested topic areas……………

  • The hunting campaign:
  • The relation of hunting towards the Conservative Party:
  • The relation of how the public see this issues:
  • The wider issues of animal welfare at risk if the hunting ban is lost:
  • The erosion of democracy due to the actions of the hunting lobby:
  • The concept of animal cruelty and why it is still seen as acceptable by some in 2009:
  • The expectations of law and the police in relation to bringing cases against those who break the law:
  • The view of the judiciary and the sometimes lack of will by the Police to prosecute:
  • The value Labour MPs have created for animal welfare:
  • The wider good for animal welfare by having a Labour Government:
  • Individual Labour MPs who have worked on this issue for the good of animal welfare:
  • The values within the Labour Party and why this issues and others are important to all:
  • The history of the campaign to ban hunting with dogs:
  • The criminality of some of those involved in hunting and the violence and costs to society caused:
  • The concept of volunteers helping this campaign to protect democracy and the commitment they bring:


Other topics………

Please stay close to the articles being displayed, we welcome debate but it should relate to the article or the wider reasons for the campaign. There are many topics for discussion and the list above is just a fraction of some of them.

Unlike many blogs these pages were set up for a campaign, so it is important we remember why it was created. Which was to help animals and support the Labour Party and democracy…

We are easy going, but please true toriesdo not head of into debating  issue on Iraq, the NHS or the latest topic in the news. It is always tempting but really not relevant to what we are trying to achieve.  We won’t come down on you like a ton of bricks for straying but please do stick to discussing the article or commenting on a wider angle of the hunting and democracy issue.

Persistent drifters, will have a gentle nudge  if deemed appropriate….we are not Labour List, so our remit will not cover all issues. It is however a space for creating dialogue and information that can help the fox, the hare and the deer while promoting issues of democracy and the Labour Party.

In the first weeks or months, the debate will evolve into a direction that is suited to all. So while we are new, lets just see where it takes us.


Comments for the Team…..

If you want to leave any comments of thanks for members of the ‘Fox in Parliament’ Team please do..we would be happy to pass them on.

You can either leave them on the comment box below or send them to

Thank you…

Support the Hunting Act (Ban) UK



2 Responses to “The Fox in Parliament Team”

  1. 1 Barbara Cannon
    September 10, 2009 at 10:51 am

    I am the Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Penrith and the Borders. No doubt fox hunting issues will be raised with me during the election campaign. I would be happy to join you to defend the Hunting Act (Ban.

  2. 2 foxinparliament
    September 10, 2009 at 11:24 am


    Thank you for your support….

    For an membership form to join, send an e-mail to:

    You can also find info by following the ‘About’ Support Hunting Act(Ban) UK link at the top of the main page and clicking on membership.

    If you would like to also become one of our Fox in Parliament Team Bloggers you are most welcome…just give an indication in the e-mail and will provide info…

    Only Labour has shown commitment to keeping and protecting the hunting ban and we would be delighted to have you on board.


    Fox in Parliament Team.

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