Young vixen with her cubs

Young vixen with her cubs






First of, this blog site Fox in Parliament is dedicated to creating debate about the issue motivating of our campaign, ‘Support the Hunting Act (Ban) UK’.

It’s rationale for being is to widen the debate on how the public see the issue of hunting with dogs and the hunting ban. It has been created to present views that are favourable towards the Labour Party and to help promote individual Labour MPs and candidates.

We will discuss many themes or topics to achieve our aims while providing an angle all too often missed by today’s press and media. We are upfront but fair in how we pursue this issue. It is not our intention to offend, but we speak as we find. We reject all notions that killing animals for fun is ever needed or ever justified.

We provide this space because there animal welfare and democracy are at risk. We equally do not shy away from our opposition to the Conservative Party and especially their leader David Cameron.





‘Support the Hunting Act (Ban) UK’ is a new campaign to protect the hunting ban while defending democratic principles by campaigning for the British Labour Party.  This is an independent campaign which supports Labour MPs and the Labour Party.

As we are an independent campaign this means that while we support the Labour Party any text or views expressed on these pages and across the wider campaign by us, do not infer that the Labour Party either agrees or disagrees with what has been said.


Your use of our pages….

By using these pages be it through posting or leaving a comment, you are automatically agreeing to abide by the rules laid out below.

Nobody using these pages, be it posting or replying to comments will be allowed to be :

  1. Racist
  2. Abusive
  3. Threatening
  4. Intimidating
  5. Discriminatory towards others on the basis of age, disability or sex

Those individuals found to have broken these rules will have their ability to post removed and those that comment will have posts deleted and blocked.

Golden rule number 6……No Swearing!

We do not accept the use of swearing as a form of debate…….

Those who ignore warnings to stop using swearwords:: could have their posts removed and could be barred.  It is your choice…..!


Child safety…..

 internet child safety

Because the topic of this campaign is animal welfare, it is possible that on rare occasions young children may seek to post. It is unlikely given the political dimension to the subject and the context of how the issue is presented.

However, we take our responsibility seriously and if a child was to post we would respect their rights and would ensure that safety was a major concern.

Any person who appears to behave in an improper way towards a child posting on these pages, through the use of suggestions or improper conversation, would be reported to the authorities and any details of that person’s name, location and age would be made available to them.

Child grooming is a very serious offence and we would not tolerate any such behaviour. Any team members or user of these pages should contact us immediately if you have any concerns about another user.


The hunting lobby and those that support it……..

images2These pages are not here for taking into account the view of those that seek to kill for fun or defend the concept of hunting with dogs.

There are no clauses that say we have to listen or even allow such views to be posted on these pages. It is entirely up to us if we allow you to. Freedom of speech issues do not apply as the stated aim of this blog site is to discuss the harm hunting with dogs causes to animals and to our democracy.

It is also the case that there are hunting blogs, forums and web pages across the net, so there are many opportunities to express your views.

The aims of this campaign are very clear for all to see and understand, to protect the hunting ban and help prevent the Conservatives from taking office in 2010.

These pages are about debate and pro hunting views quite often come across as dictatorial. As a result such comments are likely to be deleted. It has been our experience that very few on the hunting side engage with actual debate. All too often comments are left that seek to imply arrogance and fail at every turn to see why someone would object to hunting with dogs.

They also speak in past tense as if the question is ‘will a ban happen?’ and the rights or wrongs if it did. The public have moved on from that aspect of the debate. The issue now is not if a ban is right or wrong, but how should it be enforced.

What these pages will not allow, is mass groups of pro hunters using this blog for their own aims. We make no apologies and do not  have to offer any reasons as to why we would remove any individuals from posting on these pages. We will also take actions to delete posts we deem to be of no value to debate.

To put it bluntly we reject the whole concept that you think you have any rights to kill animals for fun. Given that we have made our views very clear. If you do choose to comment on these pages, it will be out of tolerance that we let you and not because we agree with your standpoint.



  • Support the Hunting Act (Ban) UK and Fox in Parliament will never knowingly use copyrighted material be it through picture, word or sound or video.
  • The campaign has a set policy concerning the use of any such material inadvertenly used by any part of that campaign. If the owner or the person with the intellectual rights to the image, words or sound contacts the campaign, we will immediatley remove any such content if that is what is required.
  • We take copyright laws seriously and appreciate that they relate to people’e livelihoods. To contact us about any aspect you have concerns with regarding copyright just send an e-mail to:
  • or write to Support the Hunting Act (Ban) UK PO Box 427 Stevenage, Hertfordshire SG1 9FD
  • Please do not use solicitors when making requests for removal of items. Such behaviour is totally unwarranted and only harms your reputation.  All you have to do is ask, it’s that simple, we are very easy going and understand your concerns.

Bloggers and authors…..

  • If a copyrighted image, sound, video or words appear on a blogger’s comment, or an author’s article, we will seek to remove this if asked to do so.


  • Please be clear about the location of the item and to which blogger or author it refers to, and also which topic or category it is displayed within.


  • We will of course aim to remove the item the moment it is brought to our attention. However the Fox in Parliament blog site will not be monitored 24 hours a day. So it will be as soon as it is possible.
  • It is the duty of the owner to inform us that their material is being used without consent. We as a campaign will have no ability to judge if an image, sound, video or text is part of others’ copyright unless we are informed.
  • If the blogger disputes ownership then that is a matter between you and them and not in any way to do with Support the Hunting Act (Ban) UK or Fox in Parliament.

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