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We will be back

We will be back

It has been a while since we updated this blog. We have decided we wish to find a new service that is more interactive which is also less demanding with time. Formating articles and images takes far to long and it hinders responding to key events quickly.

However Fox In Parliament has gone from strength to strength and along with our main organisation of Support the Hunting Act (BAN) UK you will be hearing plenty more of us this year. Expect to see a relaunch of our Fox in Parliament blog and to be an even bigger pain to the hunting lobby and David Cameron.

In the meantime you can follow us on Twitter and Facebook, see links on the right hand side. We will add a note when this blog will close and give info on the new one. We do not have a date for that yet but we are building many teams this year in parliament and internaly for the lobby and a new blog team is firmly on the cards.

To mark our progress and politics we are hosting a high profile conference to help answer the questions needed and to set the tone for Where Next for the Hunting Ban. From here we will firmly be rasing the game against cruelty and making it clear repeal of the hunting ban is not on and will not be supported by the wider nation.

Thank you to all who have read these articles and left comments, this is not goodbye as we will be back and will be a much stronger voice on the web.

If you would like to become a member of our campaign/political animal lobby then do get in touch, just send an e-mail to We are always looking for talented individuals to help the lobby and to help at events. So if your passion is stopping animal cruelty returning and you are a member or supporter of the Labour Party then contact us today.

Support the Hunting Act (BAN) UK and Fox in Parliament is a new force in the animal world but with the twist that we are not just a campaign but a political animal lobby as well. Our goal is protecting our wildlife and in ensuring those who support the most are elected.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Gary Hills / Campaign Director.


For your eyes only, when reality hurts.

Seeing images or video that show cruelty can be hard. You want to look away. You know that a part of you will always remember those images. Yet you also know that sometimes reality has to be seen. We all do it. When it comes to seeing animal cruelty we feel anger, yes. Yet bringing ourselves to see what is happening. Is just as important in order to work out why? Well knowing something is not the same as seeing the reality.

The League Against Cruel Sports have released a video that dose exactly what it says on the tin. It shows the reality of hunting. Yet is shows it in a way that all can understand. This powerful video is a must see. Now I can hear some of you thinking it will be gory. Well the directors and the Bright Young Things who put this together are one step ahead of you.

They have put together a group of celebrities and it is they who see the reality. You however will still feel the horror and anger at what they see. The video being shown shows the deliberate cruelty hunting inflicts on our wildlife. The terminology is traditional hunting? The hunting lobby love words that disuse horrific acts of cruelty.

They can’t disuse the disgust and distress on the faces of the celebrities. Yet  the tried. Jim Barrington the pro bloodsport apologist for the hunting lobby has had a go. He claimed that as the celebrities were actors, that therefore they were overacting. Well when you watch the video, you will see how stupid that claim is.

The celebrities who reacted to the reality are people you know. They are just like you and me. For like you they can’t believe that anyone could see hunting with dogs as right or civilised. Our society is a good society. Our people are some of the fairest and compassionate people in the world. Yet we are let down by a tiny minority again and again. Those that seek bloodsport have placed themselves outside of decent society.

Recently David Cameron was challenged to ditch his policy to bring back animal cruelty. Labour’s Hilary Benn and the thousands who co-signed his letter await a reply. For this matter is about animal welfare. It’s also about decency. Something that Cameron has been lacking. The moment he thought hunting was right is when he let the nation down.


 Tony Robinson compares fox-hunting to “hoodies picking on an asthmatic.”

 The celebrities where Gemma Atkinson, Tony Robinson, Uri Geller, Tamara Ecclestone, Colin Baker, Peter Tatchell, Bill Oddie and Annette Crosbie.


We are now at the 5th anniversary of the hunting ban. Despite the passage of time since the ban came in. Not withstanding the normal tribulations with the Courts. The hunting ban is working…Yes there is always more to do. However we should be proud. We should not let the biased press tell us what to think. When we brought in the hunting ban, the world took note. It shouts out loud that the British people will not tolerate animal cruelty.

It gives our country leadership on the issue of animal welfare globally. It raises our standing and it encourages other countries to reduce harm to their wildlife. Having a hunting ban is a major achievement for animal welfare. Your voice and our good MPs made it happen.

We can not go back; you have seen the reactions of people to cruelty. Let’s not allow hunting to place a stain on our nation again. Cameron must be stopped and he can lose the election.


Camerons Chosen People..

Many of you thankfully would not have come across a fox hunt. For those that have we fully understand the emotions and feelings the experience generates.  Hunting with dogs is not just upsetting for it manages to go further then just distaste. 

Even now with a ban and place and the law on the side of animal welfare. We still have some in the hunting community who think society’s laws are not about them. Their arrogance and disrespect to democracy and decency is staggering. 

For the person who stumbles across a hunt. You would be right to wonder are we in 2010 or 1710…For if we are to try and match comparisons in the modern world it would be a fruitless exercise. The modern world does not reflect in the past in the way the hunters expect.  

Hunters assume behaving with arrogance akin to 17th century hunters is fine and dandy. Society however is smarter, wiser and has more compassion for animals than hunters could ever imagine. So it is staggering that despite 400 years on that ignorance is still being pandered to. 

Welcome to the world of David Cameron who talks change, but has he sights firmly set on history. 

Below is a recent video which shows hunt followers from the Heythrop Hunt. This is Camerons favourite hunt and he would dearly like to be with them. Yet this video does not only show that the Heythrop hunt care little for the law. For is also captures the sounds of them breaking it. You will hear in the video the  hounds on full cry. 

The hunt followers try to mask that reality with other noises. A rather pointless and pitiful attempt on their part. 

Full cry is the term used when the hounds are in pursuit (the sounds is the hounds as the adrenalin kicks in and they become excited and this builds into a frenzy. It is this frenzy that rips apart a fox if they catch it. It is very clear to us that on this video some poor fox is running for its life. 

This activity by the Heythrop Hunt is of course illegal. Yet do we ever hear Cameron insisting the law should be obeyed? Well law is seems to Cameron should only be enforced if he personally agrees with it. He does not like the ban so therefore cares little if his chums break it. 

Perhaps he should ask his hunting chums to wear a hoodie. At least then he could go round and give them a hug? 

This video shows the disturbing level of ignorance and aggression that exists amongst some hunt followers. This of course is mild in comparison to the criminal assaults. GBH, ABH and criminal damage that hunts have caused across the UK. 

The notion that hunters are pillars of the community and law-abiding. Well the sheer number of court cases against them prove that’s just another myth. Not all hunters are violent but it does not mean others are not. 

These very people are Camerons people. They are not the pensioner who seek to keep warm in a cold spell. They are not the apprentice who achieved a better job or a standard of life. They are not the decent person who goes out of their way to help their community. 

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Avoiding the questions, the Cameron way

David Cameron says little when it comes to substance on most issues. Labour have rightly shown up his lack of ability to deal with policy, even on hunting he is deceptive over his true intentions. He hides his passion for bringing back animal cruelty by hiding it behind words such as “a Free Vote”.

His favourite ploy, when challenged to explain his support for animal cruelty, is to claim hunting is traditional and a way of life. He will also imply all rural people support hunting despite knowing full well this is not true. If he was to succeed it would be horrendous for our wildlife.

Yet does Cameron care? No, for in repealing the ban he would be the first British Prime Minister to ever scrap an animal welfare law, yet Cameron is less keen to be associated with the reality. He knows its cruel. He and all hunters know that, yet he wants you to believe it’s not as bad as this campaign and others will tell you.

Below is how he responds to people opposed to his plan.  The reply is not from Cameron directly, but instead from his office. This is a standard response that goes out to all that oppose his view.  It’s more than likely that Cameron has never taken the time to read one letter that disagrees with him.

His response however is not really good enough for replying in this way. It shows the typical arrogance we have come to know from him. Where is the level of understanding as to why people are so upset with him. Where is any response to concerns about the suffering of animals that is meaningful and true. Where is his understanding that democracy has spoken and society does not want hunting with dogs back?

Truth is, that regardless of whether you have been a Tory for 30 years, have campaigned for animals or are a constituent who will now back Labour because of his view, Cameron will not be interested unless of course you support animal cruelty.

To add insult to injury his office provides a link to a Telegraph article in which Shadow DEFRA Minister Nick Herbert professes his belief that the ban must go. While doing so, of course, he forgets to tell the readers that he was the Head of Communications for the most pro bloodsport group there was; The British Field Sport Society (BFSS) which is now, of course, The Countryside Alliance…?

The article also fails to mention that Nick Herbert is, or has been, part of a Beagle Hunt Pack…? So, in short, how is a biased article from another one of Camerons bloodsport chums meant to give any balance in response?

We have added an original letter that would receive such a reply… If you compare the two letters you will see how little thought goes into Cameron’s response.


We have removed the names of the sender and receiver of this e-mail to help protect peoples identity.

From: CAMERON, David
To: “‘@@@@@@@@'”
Date: ^^^^, ++++, 2010, +++++

Dear **********

I am writing on behalf of David Cameron to thank you for your  recent e-mail about the Hunting Act.

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